Karman Motorcycle Tube

Karman Motorcycle Tube

Your Leading Motorcycle Tube Manufacturer in China

Karman has rich experience in producing motorcycle tubes made of excellent-grade rubber materials. They are made of natural rubber, butyl, TPU, latex, and many more. But the most used materials are natural rubber as it exhibits shock-resistant properties for durability and the price is reasonable compared to butyl rubber material. For flexibility and increased performance, you can choose a butyl tube. Compared with the natural rubber inner tube, the inflation frequency is lower during use, and it is more fuel-efficient during driving. The high-temperature resistance of butyl rubber inner tubes is superior to that of natural rubber inner tubes. When the motorcycles runs at high speed for a long time, the temperature of the tire’s inner cavity is very high, which makes the inner tube rubber quickly self-vulcanize, which affects the service life. Butyl rubber inner tubes are more resistant to aging and use time longer.

Karman produces high-quality motorcycle tubes in a variety of sizes. You can choose sizes 10-21 inches. To fit most of your demanding applications, we provide custom motorcycle tubes based on the specific size you want. The most popular items are 2.50-17, 2.75-17, 3.00-18, 3.00-21, etc.

Our inner tubes are designed to fit all types of motorcycles such as dirt bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, standard bikes, and sports bikes. All are available at great pricing!


Inner tube for motocross motorcycle dirt pit bike.


Motorcycle inner tubes, dirt bike inner tubes.


Inner tube for dirt bike motorcycle.


Motorcycle Dirt Bike Inner Tube, heavy duty tube.


Dirt bike tube with TR4 straight valve stem fits motorcycle.


Premium rubber tire replacement inner tubes.


Motorcycle tire inner tube, thickened tire tube.


Dirt bike tube, inner tube with TR4 straight valve stem.


Motorcycle inner tube with TR4 straight valve stem compatible.

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Valve Stem Style for Motorcycle Tube

  • TR4: Made of metal. Has locking nuts features. Most popular item.
  • TR87C: Mounted with the metal stem, and bent valve, commonly used for 4.00-8 tubes.
  • TR6: Made of metal. It also has locking nuts.
  • TR15: Made of rubber. No locking nuts.
  • TR13: Commonly for 4.00-8 tube size.

Motorcycle Tube Uses

  • Provides long mileage and stable control
  • Provides perfection and security in riding
  • Built to exceed aggressive riders’ demand on daily use
  • ISO certified quality

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