One-Stop Service

Karman one-stop supply chain ensures low cost without sacrificing quality. We also provide one-stop services from raw material preparation, tire production, tire/tube/rim installation, inspection, and packaging, to delivery. We have cooperated with to wheelbarrow rim factory, axle suppliers, valve suppliers, and more accessory suppliers around the world. Therefore, we can provide all your wheel requirements easily and on time.


One-Stop Wheel Manufacturing Expert

Our factory is near Qingdao Port which helps us save local freight and reduce the delivery time. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing rubber tire and wheels and a team of experienced engineers, you can ensure the quality of every production stage.

We also perform quality control measures on all accessories production procedure such as final product 3rd QC test report. Karman also have certifications from ISO9001 and DOT. We also provide free sample to let you check the quality before mass production.

One-Stop Wheel Manufacturing Expert

One Stop Solution Wheels & Tires Manufacturing

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