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Qingdao Karman Hand Truck Co., Ltd. is a China-based rubber factory located in Qingdao Lianjiang. Our factory was established in September 2007 and has been operating for over 16 years. Karman factory is well-equipped with advanced production lines to manufacture all types of tubes and tires such as pneumatic rubber wheels, solid wheels, PU wheels, and more. All our tires are specially designed for ATVs, motorcycles, agricultural machines, wheelbarrows, tool carts, and more. Our factory is also certified by strict industry standards including CCC, E-Mark, DOT, CE, and ISO9001. We have also established a good market globally and gained the trust of clients from Africa, South America, Australia, Europe, the USA, and Asia. Our goal is to provide every client with one-stop services and build a long-term business relationship with each other.

Equipment Used for Tire Manufacturing Process

  • 3D laser surface texturing
  • Adhesion resins
  • Bead lines
  • Bonding agents
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Labelling systems
  • Liquid dosing systems
  • Handling automation solutions
  • Gantry robots
  • Laser systems
  • Marking systems
  • Metal printing systems, and more
Equipment Used for Tire Manufacturing Process

Tire Production Process

Rubber Mixing

Various formulation for different parts of rubber tire includes carbon black pigment, synthetic rubber chemical additives, natural rubber additives, and more than 15 components.

These components are put together in a giant blender and mixed using tremendous heat and pressure.

Squeeze Out and Calender

After all the raw materials are mixed together, the squeeze machine forms them into a shape for the next process. The machine forms the raw materials into a sheet for further processing. Rubber alone is not sturdy enough to make a tire’s inner structure, therefore a fabric ply is needed. The fabrics are enrolled into the calender machine with rollers. Both sides of the fabric are applied with warm rubber, creating a rubberized fabric for reinforcing the tire.

Tire Molding

The machine rolls the edge of the thread rubber over the side walls. They now have what’s known in the industry as a green tire and uncured tire without thread pattern.

Tire Vulcanization

The uncured tires are placed in a mold to bake and shape. Two parts of the molds come together similar to a waffle maker. The uncured tires inside blather and expand into the desired shape. It is then transferred for the threading process.

This cross-section of a tire demonstrates how all the layers have been fused together. During hot pressurization, the mold has caused the rubber to vulcanize. It is a chemical reaction that transforms it from a weak and sticky substance into strong and elastic.


After vulcanization, our inspectors will check all the finished tires. It will undergo different testing to check if the inner part and surface are in good shape.


We will pack the tires according to the customer’s request. You can choose from different packaging options such as cartons, pallets, load-by-bag, colorful film wrapping, and more.

Finished Cargo

We will deliver your tire orders through air, FCL, LCL, and DDP service.

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