Here at Karman, we offer long-time business relationships instead of one-time cooperation. We make sure that every client is provided with 100% customer satisfaction. Thus, Karman is offering a warranty on all tires. Our warranty also comes with a warranty claim process and tire care instructions.

Karman offers a limited warranty that is subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

Our comprehensive line of wheels comes with a limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects in materials under normal use and workmanship. A lifetime structural warranty is provided for all wheels manufactured by Karman for the original retail buyer.

The original purchaser should also adhere to the following conditions warranted by Karman:

Finish Warranty:

  • All wheels such as coated, clear, PVD, chrome-plated, and painted should be free from any workmanship and material defects within 12 months from purchase date.
  • Uncoated and polished aluminum wheels are not covered in this warranty since they require regular maintenance to avoid oxidation.
  • Limited Warranty does not cover discoloration or surface rust caused by improper maintenance.

When Does Limited Warranty Become Void?

  • Damaged or corroded wheels due to improper maintenance
  • Structural damage because of accidents or road hazards
  • Structural damage due to willful abuse
  • Damage because of neglect
  • Damage due to weather conditions
  • Wheels have been repaired or modified other than Karman
  • Damage that occurs due to excessive vehicle loads, incorrect mounting, etc.
  • Wheels are installed with accessories that are not approved by Karman
When Does Limited Warranty Become Void
How to Claim the Limited Warranty

How to Claim the Limited Warranty?

To claim the warranty, you must return the wheel and other products so we can perform a visual inspection. You must also bring the original proof of purchase.

This warranty also covers any item that doesn’t meet the terms and conditions specified in this warranty but is returned to the original seller along with proof of purchase like a sales receipt or valid proof of purchase date.

However, this warranty doesn’t cover additional costs such as shipping, installation, and removal. You may use a mild dish or car wash soap to clean your wheels properly.

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