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Qingdao Karman specializes in manufacturing various types of wheelbarrow wheels, including flat-free tires, pneumatic air-filled wheels, and solid rubber wheels. Our wheelbarrow wheels are suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction sites, home gardens, agriculture, and transportation companies. We can match different types of hand carts with wheels made from various materials and styles. Our wheelbarrow wheels come in different patterns and can be paired with different materials and types of spokes.

Karman is your go-to source for customized wheelbarrow wheels tailored to your market needs. We can customize the material, size, pattern, weight, and spokes according to your requirements. Additionally, we can help you choose the right products to meet different market demands. What’s more, we offer product branding services, allowing you to have your logo and brand printed on the tires. We offer various packaging options, including bulk, bagged, boxed, and palletized, based on your preferences.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to customize wheels with different axle hole sizes, look no further than Karman. Our standard axle hole sizes are 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm, but we can also customize non-standard sizes based on your specific cart styles and dimensions.

Karman wheels can turn your wheel business dreams into reality. Don’t wait any longer – place your order now!


Pneumatic Wheel

A pneumatic wheel is primarily composed of an outer tire, inner tube, and spokes. The outer tire is made from natural rubber, recycled rubber, carbon black, calcium powder, cord fabric layers, and various additives. It is produced through processes like mixing, blending, extrusion, calendaring, cutting, molding, and vulcanization. It is widely used for heavy-duty work and is extremely popular worldwide. Additionally, it has the largest quantity compared to other types of material wheels.

13x3.25 / 3.00-8

Pneumatic wheels trolley cart wheelbarrow tyres wheel tyre 16mm, metal rim, 2 PR.


Pneumatic wheel for sack truck, wheelbarrows, different type of trolleys.


Ideal for lawn and garden carts, hand trucks, air compressors, pressure washers and more.

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Flat-free Wheel

We also called it PU foam wheel, which is made by Polyether and Modified MDI two main raw material. According to a specific ratio, we blend polyether and modified MDI to create a mixture. This mixture is then injected into molds, where it takes shape. To ensure even distribution and proper shaping, the molds are placed in a centrifuge for molding. After the centrifugation process, the formed parts are carefully trimmed and finished to achieve the desired shape and smoothness. The finished parts are then assembled with spokes or other components to create the wheel. Finally, the assembled wheels are packaged for shipping and distribution.


Flat free wheelbarrow tire, 2″ offset hub, durable replacement tire hand truck.


PU foam wheel, high load bear, for rough use, high load bear, durable and enviromental.


Flat free pneumatic solid tire with ball bearing, universal hand truck flat free trailer wheelbarrow tire.

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Solid Rubber Wheel

Rubber solid wheels are made by combining rubber powder and additives, which are then subjected to flat vulcanization using pressure and heat. After vulcanization, the wheels are trimmed and undergo quality inspection. They are then assembled with the rim and packaged either by pallet or in bags.


Flat free solid rubber wheel assemblies with bearings 1/2″ bore – replacement hand truck wheels.


Metal with screws and bearing, load bearing capacity up to 200kg, solid rubber wheel.


Flat free wheelbarrow tire, 16 inch, fits most wheelbarrows and small lawn and garden equipment.

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Export to over 100 Countries

Our Wheelbarrow Wheels have a global presence and are exported to over 100 countries. This extensive distribution network demonstrates our dedication to providing high-quality and reliable products. We take pride in being a trusted choice worldwide, offering top-notch wheelbarrow wheels that cater to diverse requirements and consistently surpass expectations.

We are focusing our efforts on developing more customers in Europe and America. We offer customized services and can provide project recommendations based on market demands. We also offer suitable wheel recommendations in terms of quality and weight. Additionally, we provide a one-stop solution for multiple models of products and offer private label manufacturing services.

Export to over 100 Countries

How We Manage Your Order

We can provide customers with one-stop service support for their wheelbarrow wheel business. Here is an overview of the collaboration process:

  • Order Scheme Communication
  • Free Sample Provision
  • Production Arrangement
  • Raw Material Preparation
  • Production
  • Each Step Quality Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Final Quality Inspection
  • Container Loading
  • Customer Feedback and After-Sales Support

Patterns You Can Choose

The wheelbarrow wheel market offers a variety of popular patterns to choose from. We are able to provide recommendations based on your market requirements. Additionally, if you would like to customize a new pattern, we welcome you to provide us with your product drawings and specifications. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and deliver a wheelbarrow wheel that meets your specific needs.

Rims for Your Wheels

If you are looking for different styles of wheel spokes, then Karman Wheels is the right choice for you. We can provide various styles and materials of wheel rims, including plastic, iron, screw-on, rolled edge, straight edge, two-piece, or one-piece designs. Additionally, we also offer high-quality tubeless wheel rims. If you are not satisfied with our existing styles, we can provide custom wheel spoke services based on your specific drawings and requirements. Here are some popular items wheelbarrow rims for your reference.

Wheelbarrow Wheel
Custom Wheelbarrow Wheel Solution
Name Wheelbarrow Wheel
Application Construction, Garden,Agricultral
Model Number 4.00-8, 3.50-8, 3.25/3.00-8, 3.00-8, 4.00-6
Out Diameter 390mm, 364mm, 348mm, 336mm
Rim Size 8 inch rim or 6 inch rim
Material Rubber, PU
Bearing diameter 5/8″(16mm), 3/4″(19mm), 20mm, 12mm
Hub length 100/90/80/70mm, or customized.
Packing In bulk, by bag, by pallet, by carton, by pallet, or as request.
OEM Supported
MOQ 500pcs
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