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Mini Bike Tires

Minibike tires are durable tires designed for use on mini bikes, E-bike, and small ATVs. These tires are smaller than regular ATV or UTV tires. It provides the necessary traction & control needed for off-road and on-road riding. Designed with a high-thickness tread pattern to provide maximum grip on loose surfaces such as dirt, sand, & gravel. It allows riders to navigate through difficult terrain with ease.

Karman Minibike tires are able to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, including sharp turns, sudden stops, & rough terrain.

At Karman, we produced a range of minibike tire sizes, including 8”, 6”, 10”, and 12” diameters, to fit a variety of mini-bike models. Whether you’re looking for studded tires, trail tires, mud tires, slick tires, tube-type tires, or knobby mini-bike tires, we have the exact tires for your business.

Buying sets of high-quality mini bike tires at Karman guarantees optimal performance & safety. Message us for your bulk orders now!

Different Sizes Available for Mini Bike Tires


Tire Tube, 260×85 for mini ATV, go kart, mobility scooter, pocket bike.


Tire tyre rim wheel for go kart mini E-bike.


Durability and resistance to tearing and chunking.


Rear tire+rim for mini bike, used in soft.


Heavy 4 ply rated nylon construction, resists punctures.


Wheels with rims, rated nylon construction resists punctures.


Tire with inner tube bent valve fits 47cc 49cc mini dirt bike scooter.


Fit for 196cc 212cc mini bike quad go-kart 4 wheel ATV UTV golf cart.


Rim go kart mini bike tire, 4 PLY rating max load.

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Mini Bike Tires Features

  • Tubeless compatibility
  • Reinforced sidewall
  • Heavy-duty puncture protection
  • Knobby tread pattern
  • Wide contact patch
  • High-speed stability
  • All-terrain performance
  • High-grip rubber compound
  • Aggressive tread design
  • Reinforced bead construction
  • Long-lasting wear characteristics, etc.

Extensive Applications

  • Dirt Bikes
  • Go-Karts
  • Scooters
  • Off-road Motorcycles
  • Mini Choppers
  • Pocket Bikes
  • Drift Trikes
  • Mini Buggies
  • Mini Jeeps
  • Mini ATVs, etc.

Why Choose Karman Mini Bike Tires

We guarantee high-quality production by following strict quality control protocols in all stages of the manufacturing process. This includes:

  • Inspects the raw materials used in production
  • Ensuring the tires are properly inflated & tested before leaving our factory
  • We perform regular quality assurance tests on the finished product, packaging, and delivery

Additionally, we also have a strong customer service policy in place to address any potential customer issues.

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