Motorcycle Rear Tire - Karman

Motorcycle Rear Tire - Karman

Motorcycle Rear Tire

Karman motorcycle rear tires maintain motorcycles’ stability and smoothness despite encountering bumps along the road. Furthermore, it has strong friction that usually reduces and prevents the risk of accidents when riding either in wet or rainy conditions. Therefore, rear tires in motorcycles are a better option for elevating the comfort, speed, safety, and efficiency of long-distance rides or travel.

On the other hand, having these durable rear tires on your motorcycle improves its overall physical and mechanical appearance, making them look more powerful and challenging.

Different Sizes Available for Motorcycle Rear Tire


Racing pattern high resistance, natural rubber account for 51%.


High mileage rubber compound, 4-Ply rated.


Low Pressure Tire, circumferential pattern.


Motorcycle tyres, bias belted tyre, 30000-40000km.


Nature rubber tubeless 90 90-18 motorcycle tire with spare part.


Motorcycle tyres tube, nylon tyres, diagonal tire.


Off-Road , Lug , Zigzag Lines and so on, natrual rubber.


Off-road ,vintage sawtooth, motorcycle rear tire.


Street pattern, natural rubber, not less than 25,000kms.

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Motorcycle Rear Tire Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of a well-designed and maintained front tire:

  • Improved handling
  • Enhanced braking
  • Better stability
  • Increased safety
  • Longer lifespan

Some Uses of Rear Tires

  • Street Riding
  • Sport Riding
  • Touring Riding
  • Off-Road Riding
  • Racing Riding
  • Cruiser Riding
  • Dual-Sport Riding

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