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Sportbike Motorcycle Tires

Sportbike motorcycle tires are designed for lightweight corner carving and high-performance street bikes. They are constructed of softer compounds, making them lighter and softer than other tire types. Typically, they have a more rounded form intended to increase traction and give you greater assurance while laying the bike deep into bends, as most sports bikes can do.

To assure stability, support, and excellent heat dissipation, the carcass (body) of the tire has a stiffer radial design underneath its tread, especially while cornering quickly. Karman makes the best sportbike motorcycle tires with the best solutions for all your needs and purposes. We offer a vast selection of high-performance sportbike motorcycle tires with their qualities.

We can customize the quality for your market or your customers’ special requests. Include the logo, brand, sticker, film package, etc.

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Different Sizes Available for Sportbike Motorcycle Tires


Nylon sportbike motorcycle tires, dual purpose tread pattern.


Dual purpose street and trail design, 4-ply.


Sportbike motorcycle tires, vacuum tire.


Cross-country tread pattern, bias belted tyre.


Dual purpose tread pattern, steel wire.


Motorcycle tires tubeless, not less than 20.000km.


Dual purpose tread pattern, vacuum tire.


Butyl rubber, rayon, black.


Special rubber compound offers excellent grip and wear.

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Developed to Boost Performance

  • Modify the look of your sportbike models.
  • Control is made more accessible by fluid handling.
  • Excellent mileage coupled with high performance.
  • Reduce transmission vibrations for comfort and to prevent fatigue.
  • Improved tire design and structure to improve cornering grip.
  • Large and consistent contact quality at all lean angles increases stability.
Typical Advantages of Sportbike Motorcycle Tires

Typical Advantages of Sportbike Motorcycle Tires

  • Aggressive tread pattern with a rear tire made of two compounds for better grip and mileage.
  • Exceptional performance on the racetrack combined with the comfort and dependability you would expect from a street tire.
  • For sportbike riders who commute to work and spend their weekends racing, imagine a tire that serves two purposes.
  • This tire provides excellent dry grip, lean angling, and smooth cornering due to using two different rubber compounds.
  • Without reducing wet performance, dry grip and wear life significantly increased.
  • To maximize stiffness and enhance touch with the road, 3D cross grooves were devised.
When choosing sportbike tires, what should I consider?

Any tire purchase should take into account the circumstances in which you’ll use the tires the most.






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