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Karman professionally manufactures custom tires for all wheelbarrow types. We make them using rigid polyurethane foam that offers comprehensive beneficial features. That includes hardness, range of densities, and stiffness. Due to such composition being environmentally friendly and colorful, wheelbarrow tires are also applicable for various purposes, like used for kindergarten kids’ toys and decorating gardens.

If you prefer rubber air wheelbarrow tires, then please also contact us, because we can do all different patterns of tires for 3.00-8, 3.25-8, 3.50-8, and 4.00-8 wheelbarrow tires and wheels. We can give you recommendations depending on your country and market request for the weight, the popular patterns, the weight and the quality of the wheelbarrow tires.

For suitable sizes, thicknesses, and other special features required, we can customize them for you. However, our experts can also recommend the ideal wheelbarrow tires that satisfy your needs.

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Pneumatic Tire


Durable heavy duty 2.50-4 Rubber wheelbarrow wheels with rim for hand trolley.


Tyre & bent valve inner tube, 3.50-8 350-8, 4 ply, line tread 6 inch wheelbarrow.


Tube type tire, Nnatural rubber, more than 16000 kilometers, dual purpose tread pattern.

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Flat-free Tire


2.50-4 Flat free tire for wheelbarrow, plastic rim, load capacity: 50-100kg.


Flat-free wheel barrow flat free tire Foamed Polyurethane wheelbarrow.


PU foam flat free, smooth running bearings, Acts like a pneumatic tyre, but never goes flat.

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Solid Rubber Tire

Rubber Solid Wheel 8 Inch

Solid rubber 20cm diameter outdoor wheel / tyre 8 x 1.75 spare puncture proof wheel / tire.

Rubber Solid Wheel 8x2

Customized outer ring color, good shock absorption, big load capacity.

12 Inch Rubber Solid Wheel

Outdoor 6 8 inch solid PU tyre plastic dustbin garbage can wheel, excellent load capacity.

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Wheelbarrow Tire Advantages

Our wheelbarrow tire features: 

Variety patterns. We have variety molds for different market popular items.

Higher rubber content. Even though for wheelbarrow tire, we also pay more attention the quality, so we use higher rubber content to produce the wheelbarrow tires.

Durable Bearings. Due to its high-grade materials, we effectively support maximum loading capacity bearings to match our tires if you also need the whole wheels. 

Easy to Install. There’s no need for complicated installation cause it’s easy to install and remove the wheel from the axle. 

Versatile. With its range of size selections, they are ideally suitable for numerous types of cart uses.

Prevent Inflation. It’s a solid tire. As a result, potential leaks throughout periods of service are preventable. 

Wheelbarrow Tire

Buying Considerations

Before purchasing the ideal tire or your wheelbarrow, here are some factors in determining.

  • Tread Pattern

Karman produces a wide range of tread patterns, including concentric rings and grooves. You should know what you need, whether you use them in mud or complex ground. 

  • Measurements

The number one crucial thing to determine is the measurement of the wheels. It is good to measure them first to find out the suitable tire borehole and hubs’ length, diameter, and width.

  • Load Capacity

Determining the wheelbarrow’s load capacity also affects the tires’ performance. That helps prevent the tires from buckling or bursting due to overloading.

Standard Wheelbarrow Tire Specs

Bead Width 2.50″, 3”, 3.5”, 4” and custom
Tire Assembly Weight 7.45 lbs, optional
Tire Outer Size 10”, 12”, 13″, 15”, 16”, custom
Tire Color black, red, yellow, custom
Rim Color custom
Load Rating 500 lbs, optional
Tread square, diamond, lug, straight line, tomb, and accessible in selections per request 
Tire Material item PU tire, pneumatic rubber tire, solid rubber tire, semi-pneumatic rubber tire
How Much is the Possible Price of Wheelbarrow Tires?

Different types or usages come with various prices, depending on supplier offers.


For light-duty – less than $4

Pneumatic and flat-free tires – nearly $7

For Heavy-duty – it runs up to $8

When to Change or Replace the Wheelbarrow Tires?

There are some signs you should examine if the wheelbarrow tire needs replacement.

  • Peeling of treads can cause wearing
  • The warped appearance of tires exist
  • Changes in shapes
  • And more

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