Heavy-Duty Inner Tubes

Your Leading Heavy-Duty Inner Tube Manufacturer in China

Karman heavy-duty inner tube is specifically designed to provide excellent performance in extreme conditions of motorcycle riding conditions and construction wheelbarrow moving conditions. It has a thickness of 4mm for motorcycle usage, Which is 3x thicker than traditional tubes. With its puncture-resistant characteristics, the heavy-duty inner tube can handle aggressive use.

Karman is a professional heavy-duty inner tube manufacturer in China. We use only high-quality materials to maintain its durability and high performance. If you want to find guaranteed quality natural rubber or butyl rubber inner tubes for wheelbarrows, motorcycles, hand trucks, or tractors please contact us. We can provide long-time air keep tubes with you at a factory price.

Maybe you are wondering how to keep the tube better. First, add natural rubber content, Second add the weight of the tube, Third do butyl tubes that can keep high density and high air retention when we use them.

You can add your logo, and your brand on the tire, and you can also get a designer tube package from us, we can help you design your rubber tube out bag with your logo and brand.

If you’re looking for heavy-duty inner tubes for demanding sports of motocross, Trials, Tuk-tuk, wheelbarrow wheel, hand truck wheel, and Enduro racing, Karman is the right place to come. We can customize them as per your specifications. Contact us now!

Popular Heavy-Duty Inner Tube


Heavy duty replacement inner tubes with TR-87 bent valve.


Inner tube tire with TR87 bent metal valve stem for hand trucks.


Inner tube for hand trucks, lawn mowers, yard trailers.


Heavy duty tubes – for mowers, hand trucks, wheelbarrows, carts.


Made from 100% premium natural rubber; explosion proof.

10x2.50 10 x 2.5

Thick inner tube for electric scooter.

13 x 5.00

Mini pocket bike 90/65/6.5 front rear tire inner tube, new parts.

16 Inch

Lawn mower tire tubes, standard off set valve stem.

Heavy-Duty Inner Tubes

Wheelbarrow, hand truck, garden cart inner tube.

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Advantages of Heavy-Duty Inner Tubes

  • Damage-resistant
  • Overlapping splice – more durable compared to butt splice
  • The splice is arranged on the opposite side
  • Excellent valve strength
Advantages of Heavy-Duty Inner Tubes

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