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Touring Motorcycle Tires

Karman touring motorcycle tires are perfect for riders who enjoy long road trips and driving long distances. Due to their all-season ratings, they offer a longer tread life and better wet/dry traction. Given their quiet ride and smooth driving, many customers think these tires are ideal for long-distance trips. These tires stand out for their high mileage, maximum grip, excellent handling, and consistent performance. It’s made exclusively for all of your driving needs.

With ideal answers for all your needs and uses, Karman has the best tire for touring motorcycles. We provide various high-performance tires for motorcycle tours and the most challenging terrain. Our touring tires come in a variety of styles for off-road use.

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Different Sizes Available for Touring Motorcycle Tires


Touring motorcycle parts tire.


Motorcycle tires with high rubber content.


High quality touring motorcycle tire.


Strong durable110 90-16 motorbike tires.


Tubeless high quality 110 70-17 motorcycle tires, heavy duty tyre.


Touring motorcycle tires.


Shock absorption motorcycle tires.


Tubeless racing motorcycle tyre, 130 70-17.


Special rubber compound offers excellent grip and wear.

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Designed to Improve Performance

Stability: High stability is produced by large and consistent contact qualities at every lean angle.

Comfort: Decrease transmission vibrations to avoid fatigue.

Performance: Improved tire structure and design increase cornering grip.

Styles: Adapt your touring models’ aesthetic.

Handling: Smooth handling makes control simple.

Mileage: High performance combined with excellent mileage.

Karman Touring Motorcycle Tires With Specific Sizes


  • 120/60 x 17
  • 120/55 x 17


  • 150/70 x 17
  • 160/60 x 17
  • 170/60 x 17
  • 180/55 x 17
  • 190/50 x 17
  • 190/55 x 17

Additional Determinants of Motorcycle Tire Size

WW: Whitewall tire

TT: Tube-type tire (requires inner air tube)

TL: Tubeless tire

M/C: Motorcycle tire (in other words, for motorcycles only)

Additional Determinants of Motorcycle Tire Size

Systems for Numerically Determining the Size of Motorcycle Tires

Metric: The most popular tire size is metric, which is suitable for sports bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, and other types of motorcycles.

Alpha: The Alpha size classification is most frequently used for touring motorcycle tires.

Standard Inch: The Standard Inch System is frequently found on vintage motorcycle tires. There is no aspect ratio specification label on these tires.

Low Profile Inch: The aspect ratio will always be 82% for the Series Size System unless it is expressly stated to have an 85% aspect ratio.

What is the best tire for touring motorcycles?

The finest touring tires for your motorcycle will depend on several standards.

You must consider your riding goals, how often you anticipate riding in wet conditions, and your budget.

How long do the tires on touring motorcycles last?

The lifespan of touring tires varies depending on the tire, although they are generally made to survive for countless kilometers.

Your average load size will also affect how long they survive because carrying passengers and luggage will strain your rear tires.

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