OEM Tire Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

10+ years of experience in engineering, design, development, and production of tires.

Why Partner with Karman

Karman is a widely-known manufacturer with our commitment to producing unmatched quality products. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by offering OEM solutions. Our comprehensive range of OEM products includes pneumatic rubber wheels, solid wheels, PU wheels, agricultural tires, ATV tires, and more. Our tires are precisely engineered to work in perfect harmony with every tool cart, wheelbarrow, ATV, motorcycle, agricultural machine, trolley, and so on. Our quality management systems are qualified to the ISO9001:2015 standards. You can ensure that Karman always provides you with the highest quality parts you need. Talk with our engineers to discuss your requirements!

OEM Tires for All Industries

We offer OEM tires that are widely used in different industries including:

Industrial – We provide OEM solutions for AGV, Trommel, and high-capacity tire and wheel assemblies.

Material Handling – Karman offers OEM casters, wheels, and tires.

Agriculture – Our OEM solutions include drive wheels, gauge wheels, and more.

OEM Tires for All Industries
How Your Business Can Benefit from Our OEM Tire Solution

How Your Business Can Benefit from Our OEM Tire Solution

Peace of Mind. Our specialized expertise in providing OEM solutions will reduce penalties and risks for your business.

Streamlined Process. We offer standardized tire logistics for fast delivery.

Tech-Driven – Rest assured that Karman has optimal warehouse management system for maximized space usage.

One Stop Solution Wheels & Tires Manufacturing

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