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ATV snow tires are used for riding on hardened snow, packed snow, and other snow-covered areas. They have excellent performance on untracked trails, heavy snowfall, and wet snow. These tires are also suitable for snow drag racing. They are designed to give the ATVs a strong brake, smooth ride, and solid handling in snowy areas.

Karman has been manufacturing cost-efficient and high-quality ATV snow tires for many years. These tires are manufactured from high-quality soft rubber compounds. Therefore, they are guaranteed to remain flexible in extremely low conditions.

We also offer snow ATV tires that are suitable on terrains such as sand, mud, grass, and others.

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Different Sizes Available for ATV Snow Tire

12 Inch

Handling as well as unmatched all-terrain rider versatility in the sand.


2 ply,directional tread pattern provides superior traction Deep lugs for soft terrain.


Tubeless snow blower rubber wheel, ATV / golf / turf tire, natural rubber.


Snow tires 6 PR, trail tread pattern, knobby tread pattern, dirt tread pattern, studdable.


Tyre factory tractor solid forklift agriculatural industrial ATV truck tire.


ATV tires for snow thrower, top imported natural rubber, dual purpose tread pattern.


Staggered tread blocks which optimizes traction in loose or uneven terrain.


Narrow and lighter than many comparable ATV tires, durable 6-ply rating.


Bias 6 ply construction, tubeless tire, narrow and lighter than many comparable ATV tires.

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Main Features

Snow ATV tires have many features including:

  • Good tread patterns – for outstanding snow traction
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Outstanding grip on snow
  • Excellent temperature resistance – will not harden during winter
  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent slush performance
  • High durability
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Excellent floatation
Main Features
ATV Snow Tire

Our Advantages

Customized Solutions

To suit your exact needs, we can develop snow tires based on your custom ply ratings, tire diameters, tread patterns, and other specifications. Your logo can also be customized on the tires to promote your brand.

Quality Control

We carry out strict quality control to ensure we provide safe, durable, and high-quality snow tires. Our QC team checks and tests the snow tires thoroughly before shipment.


Our snow ATV tires meet the ISO, GB, CCC, and other national and international quality standards. Thus, you can rest assured that the tires have certified quality.

What is the Best Type of Snow ATV Tire

The best snow tires are the ones designed with big, deep, and wide tread patterns.

These patterns will make the snow flung out when driving.

Snow tires with these tread patterns can also grip and disperse snow very well.

What are the Available Ply Ratings?

The load capacity of a snow ATV tire is determined by its cord thread, which is its main inner structure, and we show its ply rating on the tire. We offer snow ATV tires in a variety of ply ratings such as:

  • 4PR
  • 6PR
  • 8PR
  • Custom ply rating

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