How Tires are Made?

Tires play a vital role in the smooth and efficient operation of vehicles, machines, and hand trucks. Tires are made from tough rubber compounds that can withstand the challenges of various surfaces, from warehouse floors to rough outdoor terrain. They often feature a tread pattern optimized for grip and maneuverability. Thus, you can easily navigate tight spaces and transport heavy loads with ease. With their reliable construction and resilience, tires contribute significantly to the efficiency and convenience of manual material handling equipment.


Rubber Compounds in Each Tire

Tires are manufactured using different rubber compounds combined with textile or steel reinforcement. Thus, tires can provide optimal overall performance for different applications.

  • Elastomers – 72%
  • Silica and Carbon Black – 28%
  • Steel – 12%
  • Oil – 6%
  • Textile – 5%
  • Zinc Oxide – 1%
  • Sulphur – 1%
  • Other ingredients – 5%
Rubber Compounds Used in Each Tire

Tire Manufacturing Process

Tire Manufacturing Process
Tire Manufacturing Process

Tire manufacturing follows different processes including:

Rubber Compound Production

The first step in making tires is choosing the right rubber compound. Tires are manufactured with numerous rubber compounds especially formulated to meet a specific tire application.

Component Production

Components such as textile and steel reinforcements are embedded for tire assembly. It is also the stage where calendaring or extruding sidewalls and treads happen.

Tire Assembly

In the tire-building process, multiple layers of fabric-coated rubber sheets are assembled. These layers form the tire’s inner structure, with additional layers for sidewalls and steel belts for reinforcement in the tread area.


This process uses controlled pressure and temperature to ensure that the tires have its final properties and shape.

Quality Control

Each tire is carefully inspected for quality including uniformity, balance, any visual defects, or structural anomalies.

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