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The semi-pneumatic wheels are made from molded rubber with a hollow core. It is constructed with a sturdy exterior that is similar to solid tires.  The hallow on these wheels is not under pressure which is why it becomes much thicker, especially for outer rubber. That happens because of no air pressure that pushes out on the wheel. Even though it is much heavier compared to pneumatic wheels it is much stronger and immune to punctures due to it cannot easily be flat.

These semi-pneumatic wheels can give smooth rides and are perfect for any field of usage. It has good floor protection and is good for grass which makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Karman is a top company based in China that produces thousands of semi-pneumatic wheels every day. It becomes perfect for those who have retail and wholesale businesses. You can rest assured that it passed ISO 9001, CE, and more for your quality assurance.

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Why Choose Karman as Your Leading Supplier

Rich Experience
Rich Experience

We have 15 years of experience providing a non-stop solution for different types of wheels. Karman also becomes a trusted business partner of distributors across the world.

OEM and ODM Services
OEM and ODM Services

Karman provides OEM and ODM services in order to meet your needs at a reasonable price. We make sure that you can be satisfied with our Semi-pneumatic wheels.

Easy to Contact
Easy to Contact

You can contact us anytime with the help of our technical support team. Aside from that, you can request what you need either customized or standards.

Competitive Price
Competitive Price

As a trusted supplier, we can offer different types of semi-pneumatic wheels that come in different sizes, materials, etc. Karman rest assured that you can get this at our affordable price.

Semi-Pneumatic Wheels for Different Variety of Equipment

Our semi-pneumatic wheels are widely used in different equipment such as:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Carts
  • Generators
  • Air compressors
  • Pressure washers
  • Hand tracks
  • Some bicycle
  • Wheelchairs
  • Push lawn mower
  • Casters and so much more.
Semi-Pneumatic Wheels

Great Advantages of Semi-Pneumatic Wheels

These semi-pneumatic wheels can offer you excellent advantages depending on your needs. Take a look at the following below:

  • Can work in temperatures ranging from -30F to 130F
  • UV rays and moisture resistance
  • Not risk of flat
  • Very efficient and convenient to use
  • Puncture resistance
  • Highly strong and durable, etc.

Parts and Materials of Semi-Pneumatic Wheels

Rubber. These are the main materials of wheels that use and design to provide great traction control on rough surfaces.

Polyurethane foam-filled. Some of our semi-pneumatic wheels also have this kind of material due to it being much lighter compare to rubber wheels.

Bearing. There are many kinds of bearing such as ball bearings and roller bearings. The purpose of this is for smooth and easy rolling.

Hubs. This consists of two types the center-mount and side-mount hubs. It designs to have a clearance between wheels and equipment where wheels can be installed.

Tread Pattern

There are many types of tread patterns that you can able to choose from our semi-pneumatic wheels including:

  • Straight line tread pattern
  • Wavy line tread pattern
  • Solid tread pattern
  • Arrow tread pattern and more.
Semi-Pneumatic Wheels for Various Industries

Our wheels are widely used in different fields of industries such as:

  • Constructions
  • Agricultures
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining and so on.

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