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Pneumatic is something operated or contains air/gas. That’s why a pneumatic wheel is an assembly of rubber tires with a hub made from metal mounted together for full functionality. Depending on equipment/automobile weight with or without load, it usually tops up with desired air pressure.

This type of rubber tire is commonly used on most automobiles requiring driving comfortability.

Karman is your reliable manufacturer and trusted specialist of a wide variety of pneumatic wheels. We cater to any type of vehicle’s pneumatic wheels, including extensive sizes, ply, and pattern options. Karman supports custom orders at a very competitive price.


The pneumatic wheel consists of outer rubber tires, inner tubes, and rims made of steel or plastic. Also called air wheel. It offers a more economical price point compared to the PU foam wheel, and its load capacity surpasses that of the PU material. This wheel is more robust than the PU wheel, although it only comes in black. Compared with solid rubber wheel, pneumatic wheel is more flexible and lighter weight, which makes it more convenient for construction and garden clearning.

Karman Pneumatic customizes the rubber content and ply rating to meet various quality and price requirements for different markets. We also offer options for purchasing just the tire or the tire and tube together. A wide array of patterns are available for the tire, and we have an extensive collection of popular molds for different wheel sizes.

For example, our Polish clients tend to favor the 4.00-8 diamond pattern 2 ply rating wheel and 4 ply rating square pattern wheel, along with 6 ply rating trupple pattern wheels. Clients in the Middle East often prefer the tire and tube combination, weighing 1.8 kg, 2kg, 2.8 kg, 3kg, or 3.2kg, and comes with a colorful package. We can provide the best recommendations tailored to each market’s preferences.

Karman is a trusted manufacturer and specialist, providing a diverse range of pneumatic wheels suitable for wheelbarrows, hand carts, garden carts, golf carts, lawn mowers, motorcycles, and ATVs. We offer a comprehensive selection of pneumatic wheels, available in various sizes, ply ratings, and patterns, ensuring the perfect fit and performance for any vehicle. What’s more, Karman excels in delivering custom orders, providing tailor-made solutions at highly competitive prices. Trust Karman for your pneumatic wheel needs, where quality meets affordability.

The most important thing is that our city is a hub for specialized factories producing rubber wheels, particularly for hand carts and trolley wheels. This provides us with a supply chain advantage, resulting in competitive pricing. At the same time, our products meet the quality standards of CE and REACH certifications. With Karman, we can fulfill all your market needs.

For your quotations and other inquiries, kindly message or email us today!

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Different Size Pneumatic Wheels

8x2.50-4 Air Wheel

Rubber, wear resistance, suitable for safely transporting heavy cargo on rocky or steep terrain without worrying about explosive puncture.

3.00-4 Air Wheel

It is well suited for transporting heavy loads and for use on uneven surfaces. The complete wheel, consists of tyres, rim, inner tube and a metal axle.

3.00-8 Pneumatic Wheel

Wheelbarrow wheel is fully compatible with contractor grade unicycles, garden trailers.

10 inch 4.10/3.50-4 Air Wheel

Universal replacement 10″ rubber tire/wheels with 5/8″axle bore hole,wide application for wagon.

3.50-8 Pneumatic Wheel

Pneumatic wheel with 25mm(1″) Centre and 16mm (5/8″) optional reducer-for wheelbarrow.

16x4.00-8 Pneumatic Wheel

Rubber, nylon, steel, resilient rubber wheel with nylon tube – 2 PR tires for up to 120 kg load.

15x6.00-6 Tubeless Wheel

Ideally used for lawn mowers, golf carts, tractors, and utility vehicles for its minimal grass compaction.

16x6.50-8 Tubeless Wheel

16×6.5-8 tires is widely used on many kind of lawn mower, riding lawn mower, lawn tractor.

18x8.50-8 Golf Cart Wheel

Club car beige tan golf cart tire on rim – 18X8.50-8 18 x 8.5 x 8 wheel 4 lug.

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How to Assemble A Pneumatic Wheel By Hand

You might believe that assembling a pneumatic wheel is challenging, particularly if the inner tube or outer tire is damaged, or perhaps if the plastic rim has cracked. But does this mean you have to replace the entire wheel? Not at all. In fact, you only need to replace the damaged part. This instructional video will show you just how simple it is to assemble a pneumatic wheel for your wheelbarrow or garden cart. So, don’t fret over potential damage – with our guide, you’ll be back on the move in no time.

How to Assemble A Pneumatic Wheel By Hand

Advantage of Karman Pneumatic Wheel

  • The outer tire of Karman inflatable wheels is manufactured using high-quality natural rubber, 8460 nylon cord fabric, carbon black, calcium powder, and other premium raw materials. We have established long-term partnerships with our raw material suppliers, ensuring consistent quality and reliability. We prioritize selecting the best suppliers based on stringent criteria rather than solely focusing on price.

  • Our production processes adhere to strict quality control measures. Each step is carefully monitored by dedicated quality inspection personnel who assess the appearance, weight, and integrity of the steel wire bead, among other factors. To enhance efficiency and reduce costs without compromising on quality, we employ state-of-the-art automatic cutting machines, fully automated molding machines, and capsule vulcanization machines.
  • We believe in delivering exceptional products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. By utilizing top-notch materials and advanced manufacturing processes, Karman inflatable wheels offer outstanding durability, reliability, and overall value.
  • Our inflatable wheels feature high-quality inner tubes with a heavy-duty construction. The width and thickness of the inner tubes meet international standards, and we strictly control the quality of each tube. Before packaging, every inner tube undergoes an inflation and pressure retention test to ensure optimal performance.
  • We offer customization options for customers, including colored bags and logos. Additionally, we provide packaging design services to assist clients in creating packaging that aligns with their brand and product requirements. This service helps to streamline the order negotiation process and save time.We offer high-thickness iron spokes and plastic spokes made from pure raw materials for our wheels. Our bearings are carbon steel bearings and can be provided with either needle or ball bearings.
  • For iron spokes, the thickness is typically made from 1mm thick sheet metal, and the length and axle hole can be customized according to specific requirements. As for plastic spokes, we have a variety of mold designs available, and they are injection molded using pure raw materials. We also support customizing spokes based on customer samples.
  • If you have an urgent delivery project, you can trust Karman to handle it. We can prioritize and expedite the production process to ensure that your order is completed promptly. Our goal is to support your business by helping you seize more market share.
  • Our supply chain advantage allows us to quickly assemble all the components of our inflatable wheels, ensuring timely delivery while maintaining cost efficiency. Our assembly process is fast and efficient, and we have expertise in container loading to maximize the number of units per shipment, thus saving on logistics costs. We prioritize quick and efficient shipping to the port of destination.
  • Finding the right supplier requires comprehensive consideration and may involve trial and error. At Karman, we offer free sampling services to help you evaluate our products. We also provide suggestions for popular market styles, flexible payment options, and customization services to meet your specific needs. We support third-party factory inspections and quality control checks. Our focus is on building long-term partnerships rather than just fulfilling immediate orders, aiming for a win-win collaboration with you.

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