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Caster Wheel

Caster Wheel

Caster wheel is a small wheel that is connected to carts and other moving equipment. It can be made from various materials such as plastic, metal, TPR, PVC or rubber. The size of the caster wheel depends on the load and size of the equipment it is attached to.

Karman offer reliable and durable caster wheels that are designed to meet your needs. We provide a wide range of options in terms of diameter, load capacity, material, and width. Our caster wheels are a cost-effective solution for maneuvering equipment such as racks and carts. Karman provides caster wheels usable for any environment. We pride ourselves on supplying high-quality caster wheels that are built to last.

We support customized caster wheel for large quantity, OEM is also acceptable.

We have the expertise and resources to produce caster wheels based on your drawings. Our professional team can also assist in designing custom wheels that meet your specific needs. Whether you have existing drawings or require design assistance, we are here to ensure your satisfaction. Please provide us with your specifications or let us know how we can assist you in creating the perfect caster wheel.

Feel free to contact us and explore the various options available. We are here to assist you in finding the ideal caster wheels for your specific requirements.

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PVC Caster Wheel

Fixed Caster Wheel

Home steel metal wood remote electrical gate door orange pvc medium duty swivel roller.

Steering Caster Wheel

Swivel plate castors 360 degree wheels heavy duty casters heavy duty wheels.

Brake Caster Wheel

2 Inch swivel plate caster with brake set of 4 heavy duty PVC plate castors.

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PP Caster Wheel

Caster Wheel

Superior polyurethane rubber type, they absorb shock and has strong abrasion resistance.

Brake Wheel

Blue rubber wheeled standard castors with double ball race swivel head.

Steering Wheel

Flat top design, firm and durable, easy to install, oil-proof and anti-corrosion, not easy to deform.

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TPR Caster Wheel

Fixed Wheel

3 Inch 4 Inch 5 Inch wheel, high load bearing silent TPR medium casters medical use fixed wheel.

Universal Caster Wheel

Swivel castor with brake with 480kg capacity, red, rubber wheel and steel top plate.

Brake Caster Wheel

Inflatable caster wheel swivel pneumatic castor wheel for trolley, small caster wheel.

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Rubber Caster Wheel

Rubber Caster Wheel

Swivel common type iron+rubber industrial caster, swivel/ brake/rigid, roller bearing.

Industrial Wheel

Industrial caster, load capacity: 50-250kgs, top plate, zinc plated, rubber wheel,roller bearing.

Handcart Caster

Fixed black rubber steel rim castors, rigid Europe type industrial 8″ rubber caster wheels.

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Types Of Caster Wheels We Provide

Swivel Caster Wheels: This type of wheel is capable of rotating up to 360 Degrees.

Rigid Caster Wheels: It is used for straight-line motion due to its non-rota-table design.

Locking Caster Wheels: It has multiple locking mechanisms.

Polyurethane Tread Wheels: Made from solid polyurethane with great impact resistance.

Pneumatic Wheels: These wheels have tires filled with air for a rugged surface.

Synthetic Tread Wheels: It has sturdy construction with strong resistance against impact.

Dual-Wheel Caster Wheels: Dual wheels add stable performance.

Caster wheel size customized

Caster wheel size customized

Both wheels and brackets can be customized. We can provide custom solutions for wheels and brackets based on your specific requirements. Custom wheels and brackets can be designed and manufactured to perfectly fit your application and needs.

For custom wheels, you can choose different materials, sizes, load capacities, and special features such as brakes, shock absorption, and high-temperature resistance. Our team can work with you to design and create the custom wheels that meet your specifications.

Similarly, brackets can also be customized to fit your specific mounting requirements. Whether you need brackets with specific dimensions, hole patterns, or mounting options, we can tailor the brackets to suit your needs.

By opting for custom wheels and brackets, you can ensure that they are precisely designed to meet the demands of your application, providing optimal performance and reliability. Our team is here to assist you throughout the customization process and deliver high-quality custom wheels and brackets that meet your exact specifications.

Benefits Of Using Caster Wheels

Easy movement: Caster wheels allow easy movement in all directions. It can hold high loads with minimal effort.

Improved maneuverability: It is applied for cart use in tight spaces. Easy to transport objects without dragging or lifting.

Reduced floor damage: The caster wheels made from rubber and plastic has smooth surface. Even for regular heavy movements, it does not damage the floor.

Versatility: Karman provides caster wheels ideal for all applications.

Caster Wheel

Caster Wheel Uses

Furniture: It is used for tables, chairs, and other furniture equipment.

Industrial equipment: Machinery uses caster wheels for easy transport of equipment.

Medical equipment: It is used for carts and beds operated by medical staff.

DIY projects: Rolling shelf, kitchen island, tool, cart, and more.

Retail displays: Caster wheels are ideal for portable retail displays.

Home appliances: Refrigerators, dryers, and other home machines.

Industries We Served

Karman supplies caster wheels worldwide. We are providing products for:

  • Material Handling Industry
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Pharma and Hospital
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
Caster Wheel

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