Karman Trailer Wheel

Trailer Wheel Manufacturer in China

Karman provides a wide range of trailer wheels available in various sizes and PCD. Designed to match all types of trailers. Karman trailer wheels are suitable for Conway, Chiefton, Hulco, Franc, Challenger, Erdi, Caddy, Wessex, and many more.

At Karman, you can choose trailer wheels in various styles and valve stem. Plus, we will even produce the rim and tire assembly for you. It can be customized according to your unique requirements. For example, you can request to add balancing for the smoothest ride.

Whether you are looking for a trailer tire and wheel for your business, we’ve got you covered! You can have silver, white, black, aluminum, or galvanized trailer wheels. All are available in great pricing!

Different Sizes Available for Trailer Wheels

4.00-8 Trailer Wheel

3.75 Ground equipment airport/port/luggage/baggage trailer solid tyre gse wheels.

4.80-8 Trailer Wheel

Trailer tire on rim 4.80-8, 4.80 x 8, 8 inch, 5 lug hole bolt wheel white.

8-Inch and 10-Inch

Widely used for unbraked trailers weighing up to 750 kilograms.Available in 5 stud x 112mm4 stud x 4″/4 x 115mm/3 stud x 88.55 mm, etc.

10'' 5.00 x 10

Trailer wheel, 4 stud 100mm pcd 8 ply, 10 inch wheel and tyre for trailers.

12-Inch Trailer Wheel

Widely used for commercial trailers and caravans.Various rim sizes available such as 4 x 100mm/5 x 112mm/4 x 4″/5 x 140mm/5 stud x 6.5″, etc.

13-Inch and 14-Inch

Widely used for commercial trailers weighing up to 3500 kilograms.Available in various stud patterns such as 4 x 100mm/5 x 140mm/5 x 112mm, etc.

15 x 5

Trailer tire on black wheel modular rim, tire weight rating 1820 lbs. max. pressure 50 psi.

16 Inch

14 Ply, 132L, straight rib tread design and large shoulder block provide excellent tracking and stability under heavy loads.


Tow-master trailer tire lrc with 8 x 5.375 solid white trailer wheel 4 on 4.

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Trailer Wheel Configuration

  • Zero Offset: The most popular trailer wheel offset. Zero offsets are possessed when the mounting pad is located at the centerline of the wheel.
  • Positive Offset: The mounting pad is nearby the street side than the drum side.
  • Negative Offset: The mounting pad is nearby the drum side than the street side.

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