Scooter Tire

Scooter Tire

Leading Scooter Tire Manufacturer in China – Karman

Scooter Tire is specifically designed for use on scooters –which are small, two-wheeled vehicles. Similar to motorcycle tires in their construction, but they are typically smaller in size and have a different tread pattern for stability.

At Karman, we made these tires from a durable rubber compound. The said material is very durable, and suitable for tires on city streets. Then, different sizes and styles are available to fit any scooter model. Rest assured, Karman is your one-stop scooter tire supplier.

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Popular Scooter Tire


Anti puncture Tyre, tubeless tyre, rubber.


Scooter Tire,tubeless tyre.


Durable motorcycle tubeless tires.


The pattern groove provides anti-slippage when cornering, stability on wet or dry roads.


Scooter tyre, bias motorcycle tyre and inner tube.


Tire tubeless for scooter.


Tubeless scooter tire front or rear street tread.


Original top quality scooter tires tyres.


Motorcycle tyre, natural rubber.

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Better Handling & Maneuverability

We designed scooter tires to provide excellent stability on city streets. They have a specific tread pattern that helps to improve grip and traction on wet/dry surfaces.

Moreover, scooters are generally smaller than other vehicles. That’s why, we offer tires meant for scooters that offer quick handling – this makes the vehicle easy to maneuver.

Better Handling & Maneuverability

Ways to Customize Your Scooter Tires

  • Karman can customize scooter tire size and shape to fit specific scooter applications.
  • Tread Pattern: We can design tires with a specific tread pattern to provide the desired level of traction on different road surfaces.
  • Tubeless or Tubed: We customize the tire to be tubeless or tubed depending on your preference.
  • Branding: If required, we provide scooter tires with your branding or logos to meet specific marketing requirements.
Tire Size 3.50-10, 3.00-4,  8×2, 81/2 X2, 10×3, 200×50, 120/70-12
Load Rating 265 lbs (120 kg)
Speed Rating 63 mph (100 km/h)
Tread Pattern V-shaped tread pattern with longitudinal grooves
Construction Bias-ply
Inner Tube Required/ Tubeless item
Rubber Compound High-quality natural rubber with a high wear resistance
Tread Depth 6.5 mm
Rim Size 10 x 2.5 inches

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