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Sport ATV Tires

Sport ATV Tires

KARMAN manufactures sport ATV tires designed for high-performance all-terrain vehicles used for sports and recreational purposes. These tires feature an aggressive tread pattern that offers excellent traction & grip on a variety of terrains, including dirt, sand, mud, & rocks.

All sport ATV tires are produced from top-quality rubber compound materials. Thus, you can guarantee versatile and long-lasting performance. It also provides superior handling and control to any vehicle. Their unique design provides maximum stability – and allows for precise cornering & braking.

At Karman, you can avail of sport ATV tires in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different types of ATVs and rider preferences.

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Different Sizes Available for Sport ATV Tires


Damage resistant construction, Increased traction.


Sport ATV Tires Designed to travel on rough uneven ground, like mud, gravel, dirt and rocky terrain.

19x7-8 Sport ATV

The tire ensures exceptional grip during turns and challenging maneuvers on various terrains, providing heightened off-road control.


Designed with a sport-specific tread pattern to provide extreme performance, handling and traction.


Sport ATV Tires, fox-like directional tread pattern, widely spaced tread bars shed mud,ideal for mud, snow and sand.


Features a distinctive zig-zag tread pattern optimized for all-terrain performance, delivering excellent traction and grip on a variety of surfaces.


For better hook up and traction, To help conform to surfaces and terrain


Sport ATV Tires, 6 PR, Features a specialized directional tread pattern, optimized for exceptional all-terrain performance.


Sport ATV Tires, 6PR, Extreme Duty construction translates into an extra sidewall ply along with increased sidewall.

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Sports ATV Tires Excellent Features

  • Aggressive tread pattern for maximum traction
  • Reinforced tread blocks for increased durability
  • Wide tread contact patch for enhanced stability
  • Extra-deep rim guard for sidewall protection
  • A self-cleaning tread for improved mud and dirt performance
  • Reinforced sidewalls for extra puncture resistance
  • High-grade rubber compound for superior grip and wear
  • Reinforced sidewall lugs for additional strength
  • Radial construction for improved performance and handling

Wide Range of Sport ATV Tires

Karman sport ATV tires come in a variety of tread patterns, sizes, and ply ratings. We also offer tires that are all-purpose & versatile enough to handle a range of different terrains. Whether you need ATV mud tires, sand tires, trail tires, racing tires, snow tires, or off-road tires, we’ve got what you need.

Aside from that, if you have specific requirements, our team is an expert in customizing sport ATV tires. Choose the size, designs, custom branding, and packaging based on your projects.

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Quality Certifications

  • ANSI
  • TRA
  • TIA
  • DOT
  • SAE
  • GTR
  • JIS
  • ISO, etc.
Quality Certifications

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