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Hand Truck Wheel

Karman hand truck wheels can be composed of natural rubber, while the rim is typically made of superior steel. Each of these materials has undergone testing following industry standards. Both sturdiness and adaptability are assured. It’s critical to consider the wheel’s weight capability when selecting a hand truck wheel. Customized items, including size, weight, dimension, etc., are also considered.

Furthermore, hand truck wheels are used in applications that require high strength and long-lasting durability. Our hand truck wheels are employed in several industries. We are convinced that it can withstand demanding purposes.

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Popular Hand Truck Wheel


Trolley wheel – solid/anti-leak tyre and plastic rim, 100 kg maximum load.

4.00 X 6

This multipurpose heavy duty pneumatic wheel is ideal for heavy handling.


Pneumatic air filled heavy-duty wheels/tires, all purpose utility wheels tires for hand truck.

12 Inch

4.10/3.50-6 flat free and wheel all purpose utility tire on wheel for hand truck.

6 x 1.5

Solid rubber flat free tire, 6 inch x 1.2 inch hand truck wheel, metal, rubber.

10 Inch

Hand truck wheel, 58 inch axle size, universal replacement tire for hand truck.

10 Inch

Non-flat solid rubber wheels, flat-free replacement wheel for hand trucks.


No inner tube , no air, a good performance car wheels, rubber tyre wheel.

12 Inch

Tire pneumatic, Steel hub, 400 ibs load rating, 5/8″ ball bearing, hand truck wheel.

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Highlight Features


Long useful life


More cost-effective

Shielded ball bearings

Excellent wear resistant

Mounted on a heavy-duty steel rim

Highlight Features

Benefits of Hand Truck Wheel

Thickened Tire: Adopt a thickening tire that is sturdy and durable.

High-quality Bearing: The bearing is made of high-quality bearing steel, which is more durable.

Natural/Butyl Rubber Material: The inner tube adopts natural or butyl rubber material, which has good airtightness and long service life.

Additional Suitable Uses


Pressure washers

Garden carts


And other small equipment.

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