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Supermoto Tires

Supermoto tires are unique tires designed specifically for Supermoto racing. This form of racing includes characteristics of both road racing and motocross. Supermoto tires are perfect for use on a range of racing surfaces, including pavement & dirt tracks.

The tread pattern on Karman Supermoto tires is aggressive. It gives you the best grip possible on both dry & wet surfaces. Also, it is built tough to handle the rigors of Supermoto racing. These tires affect the performance & safety of the motorcycle.

In addition, these tires provide excellent handling and stability. They are therefore perfect for cyclists who want to test themselves on any terrain.

As a top producer, we provide heavy-duty tires with lighter carcasses constructed of premium materials. They are available in a broad range of sizes & styles to exceed your requirements.

You can guarantee that all tires we manufacture are dependable & long-lasting. It can provide you with the peace of mind that your tires will perform as expected.

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Different Sizes Available for Supermoto Tires


10”x3”, 260×85, Supermoto tire.


Supermoto tires, circumferential pattern.


Motorcycle tyre and inner tube motorcycle and tubeless tyre, 4.50-10.


8.5X2.00-5.5, Inflatable inner and outer tires non-slip wear-resistant thickened suitable.


Motorcycle tyres, bias belted tyre.


Front or rear tire for supermoto.


Tire for 47cc 49cc mini super pocket bike moto.


Supermoto motorcycle tire, natrual rubber.


Tubeless motorcycle tires 45% natural rubber content.

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Various Types of Supermoto Tires

  • Dual Sport Tires – Designed to perform well on both road and dirt tracks.
  • Slick Tires – These tires have a smooth, treadless surface and are designed for use on dry, smooth surfaces.
  • Intermediate Tires – Have a more aggressive tread pattern than slick tires.
  • Rain Tires – These tires have a deep, specialized tread pattern that provides maximum grip in wet conditions.
  • Dirt Tires – Often used by Supermoto riders who prefer off-road racing.
  • Road Knobbly – Perfect to ride in all kinds of weather.
  • Fast Road – Designed for riders who desire high traction.
  • Non-road legal race tires – Supermoto-specific slicks for racing and track days.
  • Road legal track day – stickiest tires in ideal driving conditions.
Wide Features

Wide Features

  • Durable silica compound
  • Increased traction and grip
  • Improved handling
  • Reduced rolling resistance resulting in improved fuel efficiency.
  • Reinforced construction, more resistant to punctures and other damage.

Why Choose Karman SuperMoto Tires

  • We utilized advanced equipment and manufacturing techniques to produce premium Supermoto tires.
  • All customers are guaranteed to receive tires made of high-quality materials.
  • Quick Delivery – You can count on getting high-quality tires on schedule.
  • Competitive Costs – Products are available at reasonable costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Wide Range of Sizes – You can choose from our various sizes offered to fit a variety of motorcycle models & rider preferences.
  • Custom Services – Includes personalized tire designs, branding, & packaging options.
  • Exceptional Customer Service – We provide exceptional customer service, with a team of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing support & guidance to our customers.
  • Warranty – We offer additional protection for your tire purchase.
Supermoto Tires

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