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Tricycle tires provide traction, stability, and durability to a tricycle. They are designed to support the rider and tricycle’s weight. Commonly for bikes and food carriers.

At Karman, we offer different tire sizes for tricycles. Its size may differ based on the type of tricycle, with some models having larger or wider tires for added stability. Additionally, tricycle tires may come in different tread patterns and sizes, and rim items to allow for customization. Such as 16×2.125 with spoke rim, 20×3 with alloy rim, and 20×3 with strong plastic rim wheels.

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Different Sizes Available for Tricycle Tire


Wear-resistance type and wide pattern block design in their thread cap.


Rubber tricycle tire,front and rear.


Tricycle front tyre, motorcycle tyre, 110.80-18 tubeless, motorcycle tire, rear tires, inner tyre.


Dual Purpose Tread Pattern.


New molds motorcycle tire, provide 30,000 km quality assurance.


Tricycle tire, ATV bike motorcycle tubeless tires scooter tyre.


Tricycle tire, vacuum tire, steel wire.


Top quality motorcycle tyre, natrual rubber.


Motorcycle tires tubeless, motorcycle tires.

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Excellent Traction on Slippery Surfaces

Traction is particularly important when riding on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Karman tricycle tires are designed to provide excellent traction. Therefore, can prevent accidents and keep the rider safe.

Excellent Traction on Slippery Surfaces
Affordable Yet Heavy-Duty Tires

Affordable Yet Heavy-Duty Tires

How is that possible?

Karman team uses the best quality materials that are both cost-effective and durable. Another way is by designing tires with features that prioritize durability and performance over other factors.

Rest assured, we can help your business save money with our affordable yet heavy-duty tricycle tires!

Tire size 16×2.125, 20×3, 20 x 2.125 inches
Tread pattern Knobby tread for improved traction on various surfaces
Material High-quality synthetic rubber compound for durability
Maximum load capacity 250 lbs
PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) 30-40 PSI
Bead type Wire bead for easy installation
Recommended use Casual riding, commuting, and light off-road use
Color options Black, white, blue, red, and yellow

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