Balloon Wheel - Karman

Balloon Wheel - Karman

Balloon Wheel

Karman balloon beach wheels can be used on soft sand, gravel, grass, and rock. They are composed of polyurethane or nylon. It can manage harsher surfaces like concrete walkways and roadways. Also, this is frequently seen on kayak trolleys, nautical equipment, and other forms of mobility equipment.

  • Complete floor defense and non-marking
  • Resilient to shock
  • Designed for easy rolling
  • Excellent for use on fragile surfaces

Popular Balloon Wheel

9 12 16 Inch PU Wheel

Pneumatic PU tires beach cart balloon wheels for kayak cart, PU tyre+PP core.

9'' Balloon Tire

Durable foldable beach cart kayak beach balloon wheel wagon balloon wheel 9 inch for beach.

9'' Balloon Wheel

Beach wagon replacement wheel kit, polypropylene, swivel, inflatable.

7'' Balloon Wheels

Diameter and wide makes for easy pushing, pulling, and rolling on sand.

Balloon Beach Wheels

Offers a diverse range of sizes to make beach adventures more accessible.

Balloon Sand Tires

Balloon sand tires for kayak dolly, canoe dolly, beach cart, wagon – 9 diameter.

Beach Balloon Wheels

Beach balloon wheels for jet ski trailer and kayak cart beach cart balloon wheels.

PU Foam Tire

Balloon wheels, 9 / 12 / 16 inch PU wheel for beach wagon cart.

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Why Choose Karman

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

For every exported commodity, we have a thorough quality procedure and a thorough, systematic quality control system. 

Price Advantages
Price Advantages

We deliver straight from the factory. The price offers a better bargain than the trader. The only thing that matters is gaining your trust.

Factory Wholesale
Factory Wholesale

Karman is a skilled casting company with a plant of our own. With our strength, integrity, and high-quality products, we are respected in the business.

Good Service
Good Service

Karman have a full pre-sales and after-sales support system and can expertly address any queries you may have.

Advantages of Balloon Wheel

  • Durability is ensured through welded structure and toughness that resists corrosion.
  • Due to its vast surface area, the balloon tire spreads across the sand and does not sink or become buried, which would cause drag.
  • The installation of each wheel set is quick and simple. You can change your wheels in just a few minutes.
Advantages of Balloon Wheel
Karman Services Benefits

Karman Services Benefits

  1. More than a decade of trading experience.
  2. Delivery on time.
  3. Scientific quality management system, strict quality control.
  4. Complete after-sales service system.
  5. Provide ODM&OEM Services.
  6. Stable production capacity.
Product Name Balloon wheel (Beach wheel) 
Tire Material PVC
Temperature -20 F to +160 F.
Load Capacity 35-50kg
Wheel Type Low-Pressure Balloon
For Use On Soft sand & other challenging terrain
Wheel Dimension 9-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch
Wheel Color grey, black, or as request
Gas Pressure Range 2-3 PSI0.14-0.2 bar)
Axle Material Nylon+PP
Axle Hole Diameter 8mm, 12.5mm, 15mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm
How Do Balloon Wheels Function?

Tires with an optimum pressure of 2.5 psi are used on balloon wheels. 

As a result of these tires’ extreme softness, soft sand is flattened, and their load is dispersed over a large area. 

Soft and full, easy to install, the tread width is more than 115mm, which can prevent the trolley from sinking into the sand when used on the beach.

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