ATV Street Tires

ATV Street Tires Manufacturer

ATV Street Tires Manufacturer

ATV street tires are specially designed for all-terrain vehicles. They are intended to be used on paved roads and other hard surfaces. These tires provide better traction on asphalt and concrete surfaces than traditional off-road tires.

Moreover, Karman ATV hard surface tires have a smoother tread pattern and and a harder rubber compound. The smoother tread pattern reduces rolling resistance and increases traction on hard surfaces. While, the harder rubber compound provides better wear resistance and durability on pavement.

At Karman, we supply complete range of atv street tires, such as 20×10-9 atv street tires, 25x8x12 atv street tires, 25x10x12 atv street tires, 26x10x12 atv street tire, etc. You can find ideal set of tires to add on your product line. For dot approved atv street tires, Karman ATV street tires is your best choice.

Popular ATV Street Tires


Front rear tyres for go kart ATV street tires tyres, durability and resistance to tearing.

13 Inch

Wide shoulder lugs protect sidewalls, durability and resistance to tearing.


Flat profile and chevron tread of the riding lawn mower tires provides excellent traction.


Each knob is reinforced for superior tracking and cornering, smooth ride.


Directional V angled tread design great works best in hard pack, turf or paved asphalt roads .


Premium rubber material in exquisite workmanship, ensures ultra quality and reliability.


Hard surface general purpose tire, Radial casing provides smooth ride.


Durable puncture resistant construction, wide shoulder lugs protect sidewalls.


Tough Tread rubber technology for increased protection against cuts, chips, and punctures.

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Durable Construction

ATV street tires are designed to be strong and sturdy. It lasts longer can withstand wear and tear. With features such as multiple ply layers, reinforced sidewalls, tough rubber compound, and a tread pattern, the tires can resist damage from rough and rocky terrain.

Additionally, regular maintenance and proper inflation can also help extend the life of your ATV street tires.

Better Handling and Stability

Karman atv street tires dot offer optimum handling and stability. It is engineered to provide a safer and more comfortable riding experience. Also, these tires provide greater control and balance while riding on paved surfaces.


All our atv street tires racing meet certain safety and quality standards set by the government agency. It meet following requirements that affect tire’s performance:

Tire size

Tire pressure

Tread pattern

Load capacity

Speed rating

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