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Motorcycle tires are specifically designed for motorcycles and play a crucial role in the overall performance, safety, and handling of the motorcycle. They are responsible for providing traction, stability, and control on various road surfaces and conditions.

Motorcycle tires come in different types, including street or road tires, off-road or knobby tires, and sport or performance tires, each designed for different riding styles and purposes.

Street tires are designed for use on paved roads and provide good grip and handling for normal street riding. They are optimized for stability, cornering, and braking performance on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Off-road or knobby tires are designed for use on unpaved surfaces such as dirt, gravel, or mud. These tires have deeper treads and more aggressive patterns to provide better traction and control in off-road conditions.

Sport or performance tires are designed for high-performance motorcycles and are optimized for superior grip, cornering ability, and braking performance. These tires are usually made from softer rubber compounds to maximize traction, but they may have a shorter lifespan compared to street tires.

Motorcycle tires are made from a combination of materials, including rubber compounds, fabric layers, and steel belts. They are designed to withstand the forces and stresses of motorcycle riding, including high speeds, cornering forces, and braking forces.

Proper maintenance and regular inspection of motorcycle tires are essential for ensuring optimal performance and safety. This includes checking tire pressure, tread depth, and overall tire condition to ensure proper traction, handling, and longevity.

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Different Sizes Available for Motorcycle Tire


Popular motorcycle tires, tube-type bike tyre.


Airless tubeless tyres, puncture-free inflation-free, motorcycle tire.


Strong bearing capacity motorcycle tires.


Motorcycle tyre, scooter tyre, tricycle tyre.


Tubeless motorcycle tyre, nature rubber+steel+nylon.


Motorcycle tyre, good air tightness tires.


High quality motorcycle tyre motor tube.


Nylon tubeless motorcycle tyre, natural rubber.


Top quality scooter tires, tubeless scooter tire.

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Motorcycle Tire Types in using

Quality to choose

Rubber content: 45% rubber content; 50% rubber content; 55%rubber content

Ply rating: 4PR; 6PR; 8PR or 10PR.

Softness: soft, middle, hard.

Quality to choose
Export to Most Countries

Export to Most Countries

Our motorcycle tires have gained significant popularity and strong sales in South America, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and South Africa. We have received positive feedback from customers in these regions. If you have any specific requirements or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to assisting you.

Help you Develop New Patterns and OEM

We offer a wide range of tire patterns to choose from for each tire size. Whether you need tires for urban roads, off-road terrains, or high-performance racing, we have options to meet your specific needs.

Our dedicated design team is available to assist in developing new tire patterns and collaborate with you in the mold opening process.

Help you Develop New Patterns and OEM

Our design team possesses extensive experience and expertise, enabling them to understand various riding requirements and market trends. They will work closely with you to provide customized tire pattern designs based on your specific preferences and feedback. Whether it’s enhancing traction, improving handling, or optimizing performance, our design team will ensure that the tire patterns cater to your desired attributes.

In addition to our existing range of patterns, we understand the importance of innovation in meeting evolving market demands. Our design team is committed to continuously researching and developing new tire patterns, ensuring that our customers have access to the latest and most advanced options in the industry.

By collaborating with our design team, you can have confidence in developing unique tire patterns that align with your brand and performance objectives. Our mold opening capabilities further ensure that the custom tire patterns are seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing process, resulting in high-quality and reliable tires for motorcycles.

OEM is also available here.

8 Inch Series 3.50-8 4.00-8
10 Inch Series 3.00-10 3.50-10 80/90-10 90/90-10 100/90-10 120/70-10 120/90-10 130/90-10
12 Inch Series 3.75-12 4.00-12 4.50-12 4.80-12 5.00-12 80/100-12 90/90-12 100/60-12 100/70-12
120/70-12 130/70-12 140/60-12
13 Inch Series 110/90-13 130/60-13 130/70-13 140/70-13 150/70-13
14 Inch Series 2.50-14 2.75-14 3.00-14 60/100-14 70/80-14 70/90-14 80/80-14 80/90-14 90/80-14
90/90-14 100/70-14 100/80-14 100/90-14 110/70-14 110/80-14 120/70-14 120/80-14 180/80-14
15 Inch Series 90/80-15 90/90-15 100/90-15 130/90-15 150/70-15 160/60-15
16 Inch Series 2.50-16 2.75-16 3.50-16 4.50/4.75-16 5.00-16 5.25-16 6.00-16 70/90-16 80/90-16
100/80-16 100/90-16 110/70-16 110/90-16 120/70-16 120/80-16 120/90-16 130/80-16
17 Inch Series 2.25-17 2.50-17 2.75-17 3.00-17 3.50-17 4.00-17 4.10-17 4.25-17 4.50-17
4.60-7 5.00-17 60/80-17 70/80-17 70/90-17 80/80-17 80/90-17 90/80-17 90/90-17
100/80-17 100/90-17 110/70-17 110/80-17 110/90-17 120/70-17 120/80-17 130/70-17 130/80-17
140/60-17 140/70-17 150/70-17 150/80-17 160/60-17 160/70-17 160/80-17 180/50-17 180/55-17
190/50-17 190/55-17 200/50-17 200/55-17
18 Inch Series 2.25-18 2.50-18 2.75-18 3.00-18 3.25-18 3.50-18 3.60-18 4.00-18 4.10-18
4.50-18 4.60-18 90/90-18 100/80-18 100/90-18 110/90-18 110/100-18 120/90-18 120/100-18
130/80-18 140/70-18 140/80-18
19 Inch Series 2.75-19 3.00-19 3.25-19 4.00-19 80/90-19 80/100-19 90/90-19
21 Inch Series 2.75-21 3.00-21 80/100-21 90/90-21 90/100-21
How to Handle a Motorcycle Tire Order?

How to handle a motorcycle tire order?

motorcycle tire order

First, upon receiving your inquiry, we will confirm your specific requirements, such as the model and quantity of motorcycle tires you need. If the quantity is large, we can arrange production; if the quantity is small, it may not be suitable for bulk purchasing, and we will suggest that you purchase locally to save costs.

If you decide to import the motorcycle tires in bulk, then we will send our E-catalog for your reference, you can choose the items that you need.

motorcycle tire order

Second, if the quantity is suitable, we will proceed with detailed negotiations. If you have specific quality requirements, such as tread patterns, rubber content, or layer requirements, please provide them to us directly. If you are new to this industry and not familiar with the products, please let us know your market, and we can recommend rubber content, layer requirements, and popular tread patterns based on your market. Different markets have different applications for motorcycle models, so the corresponding tire models, tread quality, and weight requirements will also vary.

At the same time, we need to confirm whether the motorcycle tires are for tube or tubeless use, depending on the front and rear wheels and their intended use.

motorcycle tire order

Third, If you are applying the tires to racing motorcycles or other special purposes, please let us know. We can provide recommendations and quotations based on your specific applications or terrains, such as softness or hardness. Many customers require super soft outer tires for better traction in racing. Of course, there are also customers who prefer harder tires for durability. We can also provide different recommendations based on road conditions, such as road tires for flat surfaces or off-road tires for gravel roads. We also support customization of softness, quality, and tread patterns according to your specific requirements.

motorcycle tire order

Once we have confirmed the specific requirements and quantities, we will inquire about your logo and packaging requirements. Karman supports choosing our KARMAN logo, customizing customer logos, and providing logo and packaging design services. We offer customized wrapping film options, and you can also choose transparent wrapping film or more environmentally friendly packaging.

Forth, After confirming everything, we can provide a detailed quotation, including the tire model, type, weight, quality, hardness, warranty period, speed rating, load capacity, production date, packaging, delivery time, and any other concerns you may have.

Throughout the entire communication process, we will send specific product pictures for your confirmation of tread patterns and model requirements. We will also provide factory videos to showcase our strength and production capacity. We support video factory inspections or third-party inspections for quality assurance.

motorcycle tire order

If you have any further questions, we offer free samples for you to assess our quality. We also support trial orders to experience our product quality and services.

Fifth, After confirming the price, both parties can finalize the transaction by double-checking the specific details. We are confident in establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a quotation and serve you!

Sixth, after we receive the deposit we need 30 days to prepare your order, during this time, we will show the process pictures or video to you of your order process to let you clearly track the progress of the order.

motorcycle tire order

Seventh, we will promptly book the cargo to ensure timely delivery. We will provide you with container loading photos and all necessary customs clearance documents, including packing list, invoice, certificate of origin, and bill of lading, in a timely manner and confirm their accuracy.

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