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Turf tires, also known as Carlisle turf tires, are not only used for lawnmowers and lawn tractors but also for golf carts. We will provide detailed information about turf tires to help you find the most suitable tires for your needs

Custom Turf Tire Manufacturer

Having a large lawn of your own is something to be proud of. It can work wonders, uplift your mood, and enhance the overall appearance of your home. Regular maintenance of our lawn can help it thrive, and this requires having the right garden landscaping equipment. We recommend choosing high-quality lawnmowers or lawn tractors as they are the best options.

However, we are faced with a new challenge – how to select the right tires for lawnmowers or lawn tractors? Tires are consumables and need to be replaced frequently, especially when they are damaged. Worn-out tires can potentially harm your precious lawn, causing the lawnmower to skid or leave deeper grooves on soft soil. To address this issue, we suggest using turf tires. The design of these tires ensures proper traction on the grass while leaving no marks or damage during operation.

Pneumatic Turf Tire

Karman turf tires have increased rubber content and tread depth, resulting in improved wear resistance. This minimizes the time and cost associated with damage and air leakage while extending the lifespan of the tires. We offer options in 4-ply, 6-ply, and 8-ply, with a sturdy nylon cord construction that ensures excellent load-bearing capacity and durability.


The Lawn Mower Tires’ unique pattern design, can increase the tire and the ground friction.


Tubeless type, turf mower tread tire mounted on an 8″ steel rim with 3″.


16×6.50-8 Lawn mower tire for garden tractors riding mowers, 4PR, tubeless.

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PU flat-free Turf tire

Flat-free turf wheels are solid, making them highly suitable for use in harsh environments where tire punctures are common. This is particularly beneficial when on suburban lawns or in situations where spare tires and replacement tools are not available. Dealing with a flat-free tire can be a major inconvenience. In such cases, opting for solid turf wheels is a wise choice. With our flat-free turf tires, issues like nails, screws, stones, and other threats are no longer a problem.


Flat-free tire with rim, no-flat solid rubber turf wheel, for riding lawn mower, garden cart.


Pneumatic tires on tim – universal fit riding mower and yard tractor wheels.

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Why choose KARMAN Turf Tires

  1. Strong factory strength and advanced equipment:
    Our factory is equipped with advanced capsule vulcanization equipment, with a monthly production capacity of 40,000 tires.
  2. Strict quality inspection:
    We conduct quality checks on our products at every stage of the production process. Additionally, a rigorous quality inspection is carried out on each tire before final packaging and shipment. Only qualified tires are packaged and shipped.
    If it is an inflatable turf tire, we keep the tires inflated and stationary for 10 days to check air retention.
  3. Prompt response and excellent after-sales service:
    From the moment we establish contact, we provide sincere and timely responses. Even after our transaction is completed, we remain committed to promptly addressing any questions or concerns you may have.
  4. Competitive pricing as our greatest support:
    Price is a crucial factor in our cooperation. In the complex and competitive industry, we strive to be a long-term friendly partner to our customers, offering sincere service and providing the maximum price support while ensuring quality.


Our turf tires are primarily designed for push lawnmowers, garden tractors, golf carts, lawn maintenance vehicles, and utility vehicles. Here are the recommended uses for different models of turf tires:

Turf tires for lawn mower

Turf tires can greatly reduce turf tearing and damage, while their unique tread design provides excellent traction, making them the top choice for commercial and personal lawnmowers.

Turf tires for tractor

Turf tires for tractors can be used on small garden tractors and are the least aggressive among all tractor tires on the road surface. Due to their low traction, the wide tread and unique turf pattern design are very lawn-friendly, effectively preventing damage to the lawn and landscape when the tractor is in motion. Turf tires for tractors are the ideal choice for landscape loaders and tractor equipment. However, it is important to note that due to the low traction of the tread, it is not recommended to use turf tires for tractors in wet weather or on slippery surfaces.

Turf tires for ATV golf cart


Turf tires are a versatile choice for golf carts. Why is that? Firstly, they do not have low traction like slick tires (like low-profile tires) nor do they have excessive traction like deep-tread tires (like all-terrain tires). They are designed ingeniously to provide sufficient traction for golf carts without damaging the turf on golf courses.

  • I’m not an expert in mower tires business and I’ve only had one bulk order for a month but so far they are just fine, no air leaks of any other issue.

  • Lawn mower tires work great!

  • Love grip performance of these tires. They ride great on the dirt roads and woods trails at the campground. They fit a stock 8″ golf cart rim. The look awesome. Great price. They fit our market Yamaha G2 lifted 4″ with 2″ offsets

  • So far, so good. Tires/rims fit and went on with ease. I received six washers for Each tire Ihas six washers, so there is little play of the wheel on the axil. Interestingly, there was more play on my OEM tires. I didn’t rate longevity yet; will update if issues arise. The air pressure has remained in the tires thus far. There wasn’t an issue using a grease gun.

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