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Karman Off-Road Motorcycle Tires

Karman off-road tires for motorcycle ensures top performance, safe, agility, and efficiency in various riding conditions. A perfect solution for mud, rock, sand, gravel, and loose ground.

Our off-road motorcycle tires are well-known for their durability and high resistance. Thus, it is recommended not just for road use but also for trial bikes.

At Karman, you can find a wide range of off-road motorcycle tires in different models, types, and sizes. We design them to maximize wear and help increase contact area on various road surfaces.

You can also request custom off-road motorcycle tires. We have experienced engineers and designers to work on your project.

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Different Sizes Available for Off-Road Motorcycle Tires


Soft terrain tires that stack up to the competition in all areas.


Nylon, 8pr, tube tubeless, vacuum tire.


Top quality cross country motorcycle tyre 80 100-21.


Dual purpose tread pattern, rubber content 35 45 55%.


Highway tread Pattern, low pressure tire.


Latest design tire tubeless tyre for electric scooter motorcycle tire.


Off road design big motorcycle tyre 110 100-18.


Tire casing, rubber content 45%-55%, 8 PR.


The knobby tread provides great riding performance.

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Why Choose Karman Off-Road Motorcycle Tires

  • We manufacture off-road motorcycle tires with fascinating design, comfort, and stability.
  • Our team uses premium materials with high-end carcass to help increase the performance on riding.
  • All our off-road tires are manufactured and tested to meet quality standards. We conduct various test before deliver it to your designated area.
Why Choose Karman Off-Road Motorcycle Tires

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