ATV Sand Tires

ATV Sand Tires

ATV Sand Tires

Karman ATV Sand Tires is made for high-performance all-terrain vehicles. These tires are used for sand dune riding & racing. Feature a unique paddle or scoop-like tread pattern for excellent traction and floatation on loose sand. That allows for quick acceleration, turning, & maneuverability.

At Karman, you can avail different designs, sizes, and styles of sand tires to fit different types of ATVs. Some models are designed for specific terrains, such as dry or wet sand. While others are more versatile & can handle a variety of sand conditions.

We use advanced technology to ensure that your custom tire is created to the highest standard. They offer 100% deliver optimal performance and handling on sand dunes.

As a leading tire manufacturer in China, we provide excellent customer service and support. You can ensure full satisfaction with your purchases.

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Popular ATV Sand Tires


Replace worn or damaged tires on youth go kart models for a smoother, safer drive.


Classic knobby tread design yielding puncture resistance and traction.


Extra traction and bite in hard or soft terrain, Deep bar tread and powerful line.


The shark f in ATV tire is designed for smooth and predictable steering stability.


This lightweight, dune-engineered tire delivers maximum flotation.


ATV Sand Tires Provides a level continued traction as well as roll, 6PR.


Deep pattern, excellent resistance to damage, good grasping and traction in harsh condition.


Special designed for use in soft, intermediate and hard packed terrains; fire pattern.


A fanged tread pattern that extends over the shoulder for extra cornering grip.

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Wide Range of Options

  • Paddle Tires
  • Dune Tires
  • Mud Tires
  • Rock Tires
  • All Terrain Tires
  • Trail Tires
  • Sand Tires
  • Ripper Tires, etc.
Wide Range of Options
Quality Standards

Quality Standards

We ensure ATV sand tires’ quality by using high-quality raw materials, rigorous testing, and quality control procedures. Raw materials used in the production of ATV sand tires withstand the conditions of the terrain they are used in.

For example, the rubber used in the tires handles extreme temperatures and has the appropriate tread for the terrain. Testing procedures are performed to ensure that the tires meet the necessary standards for performance and safety.

Quality control procedures are implemented to ensure that all parts used in the production of ATV sand tires meet the required specifications. This may include inspections of tires before and after production, as well as random testing of batches of tires.

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