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Qingdao Karman Hand Truck Co., Ltd is a well-known company that specializes in the distribution of a wide range of rubber products. Their product portfolio includes wheels for wheelbarrows, tires and tubes, wheels for hand trucks, ATV tires, motorcycle tires, wheels for dustbins, agricultural machinery tires, garden cart tires, and various other equipment wheels.

2010 Startup Stage
Qingdao Lianjiang Rubber Factory was established as the precursor to Karman Hand Truck Co., Ltd. It primarily focuses on the production of high-quality tires for wheelbarrow, hand carts, agricultural machinery, and motorcycles. The company primarily serves the domestic market and domestic trading companies.
2017 Strategic Transformation Stage
Our company established an international trade department with the aim of expanding our presence in foreign markets. This department directly caters to overseas clients, providing them with superior brand and quality customization services.
2020 Growth Stage
Our trading company has established various departments including procurement, sales, planning, order tracking, and finance. These departments work in harmony, ensuring seamless execution of each sales transaction and fostering mutual growth and development for both individuals and the company.
2021 Maturity Stage
Our company's scale continues to expand. We have made significant progress in the research, production, and sales of motorcycle tires and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) tires. As a result, we have established ourselves as a leading provider in the sales of ATV tires.
2022 Consolidation Stage
We assisted our clients in developing new molds and provided support to numerous aspiring entrepreneurs, enabling them to embark on their business ventures. Additionally, we commenced the sale of our own KARMAN brand tires and wheels, aiming to enhance the reputation and recognition of our brand.
2023 International Expansion Stage
We upgraded our factory machinery and expanded our production line to accommodate the manufacturing of wheelbarrow tires, motorcycle tires, and ATV tires. This enhancement has significantly improved our overall productivity. Additionally, our international sales team has grown to 15 members. With these advancements, we are now even more confident in our ability to assist you in expanding your business.

Why you can trust us!

Firstly, we offer sample services to support your evaluation of our quality. We provide free samples for your reference, and once an order is confirmed, we ensure production adheres to the quality requirements set by the approved sample.

During the production process, we strictly adhere to the company’s production standards, conducting quality inspections at each step. We also support material ratio testing by various monitoring agencies, and each stage is supervised by quality inspectors. We conduct tire wear resistance tests and speed rating tests. Our factory has obtained ISO9000 certification for quality management systems. Furthermore, we assist customers in each market with the necessary testing and certification to facilitate exports.

Where is our main market?

We have exported our products to over 80 countries and regions globally, including Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Australia.  Our workshop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines for high-efficiency automatic cutting, forming, and capsule vulcanizing. This allows us to produce up to 10,000 pieces of tires within a day. We also provide OEM services for branding, logos, labels, and customized packing to meet your unique needs.

Our main products

Wheelbarrow rubber pneumatic tire is our main product, we made new patterns for our cooperators which help them enlarge their business already.
Form this year we are expanding our motorcycle production and we can do the famous brnad tire quality with reasonable price to help you get more market share.
We already have diverse molds for ATV different sizes tires, if you also have new design we can support the mold together with your company.

Main market

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