Wheelbarrow Tire Replacement – Yay or Nay?

Losing your trusty wheelbarrow to a flat or leaky tire can be stressful.

Most people just end up succumbing to the easy yet expensive resolution – buying a new wheelbarrow.

While getting a new one has its own merits, it’s hard to deny that replacements should be the superior choice if you value the environment and of course, your hard-earned money.

Before you make the costly decision of shopping for a new wheelbarrow, consider the work that goes into just replacing your tires.

In most cases, the money you save is worth the tiny effort that it takes.

How to Replace A Wheelbarrow Tire?

The first step in replacing tires on your wheelbarrow is ensuring you have all the necessary tools. Aside from your replacement tire, you’re going to need a wrench or a set of socket tools.


1. Turn your wheelbarrow over and use your socket wrench to loosen and remove the nuts that connect the tire bracket onto the main frame.


2. With all the nuts completely removed, slowly separate the bracket from the wheelbarrow.


3. Separate the tire from the axle.


4. Use the replacement wheelbarrow wheel onto the axle.


5. Position the replacement onto the wheelbarrow.


6. Put the brackets and nuts back.


7. Tighten the nuts.


The Benefits Of Wheelbarrow Tire Replacements

That’s all it takes to replace a tire on your wheelbarrow, no need to spend tons on an entirely new one. With the right tools, it will probably take less than an hour. By getting a tire replacement, you get to save money and save the environment from another space-consuming trash.

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