Basic Guide To Different Types Of Motorcycle Tyres

Knowing the right type of motorcycle tyres will save a lot of money and time. Remember, each tyre is designed for a unique purpose and riding experience.

In today’s guide, I will share with you the top 9 types of tyres for motorcycles.

Types of Motorcycle Tyres

1. Street Tyres

These motorcycle tyre types are also known as on-road tyres. They are ideally made for riding in urban setups or environments and on roads that are paved. Everyday motorbikes are made with these tyres.

These tyres will offer you a smooth as well as comfortable ride, good cornering stability, and fine asphalt grip. These tyres work perfectly for everyday riding even for long-distance rides. Some other unique features of these motorcycles include;

  • Hard, strong, and lasts long.
  • Made of rubber compounds that are durable and tubeless mostly.
  • Come with countless treads which makes them perfect to use in conditions that are traffic-filled.
  • They help to make riding the road and on the streets effortless.
  • Do not overspeed with them to ensure no accidents happen.
Street Tyres
Street Tyres

2. Cruiser Tyres

Cruiser motorcycle tyres are designed ideally for heavyweight bikes. They come with a tread pattern that is unique which enhances straight road handling and traction. This provides riders with comfortable and smooth rides even when the journey is long. Some other features to know are;

  • These types of motorcycle tyres come with a stiff sidewall. This sidewall handles heavy loads like two-up riding and saddlebags.
  • Made to have tread depths that are deeper and strong construction to ensure wear is less.
  • The best mileage is assured with these tyres.
  • When compared to the other tyres, cruiser tyres come with harder compounds.
  • Ideally, these tyres are heavy.
Cruise Tyres
Cruise Tyres

3. Sport Touring Tyres

If you are a sports person, then you can consider these types for your motorcycle.

Sport tyres are made ideally for sporty motorcycles. They come with ideal traction when high-speed manoeuvring is being done. Also, they are heavy tyres because they are made to carry both the rider and any luggage they have. Some other things these tyres offer include;

  • Improved grip and handling.
  • Enhanced cornering performance. This helps for riders who ride more aggressively.
  • Designed to ensure riders feel comfortable no matter the speed they are riding.
  • These tyres are made with harder compound in the middle to stabilise rides.
  • Comes with a softer rubber on its side to perfect grips when riders are cornering.
Sport Touring Tyres
Sport Touring Tyres

4. Dual Sport Tyres

Dual sport tyres are bigger compared to standard tyres. They are made with a tread pattern that is rugged to ensure traction is always on point. Also, they are ideal for riders who love long journeys on highways and love off-track adventures on gravel trails. More features include;

  • Designed to enhance rider grip on loose surfaces.
  • Tyres are made to work well when riding on mud roads.
  • Are designed to be used both on and off-road.
  • The tyres have knob configurations and these configurations enhance its grip on different roads even as the compound makes sure high mileage is achieved.
Dual Sport Tyres
Dual Sport Tyres

5.  Touring Tyres

Touring tyres are also known as cruiser tyres. Ideally, touring tyres are made to provide motorcycle riders with comfort, stability, and durability during their long rides or bike tours. The performance of these tyres can be trusted totally and they can even withstand the stress extended travels bring. More details to know;

  • These tyres are built to hold up heavy motorbikes.
  • Riders can expect good and long mileage with these tyres.
  • Works perfectly well on wet surfaces.
  • Riders can enjoy cornering and braking when riding their tour motorcycle bikes with these tyres fixed.
Touring Tyres
Touring Tyres

6. Off-road Tyres

Also known as Motorcross tyres, they are perfect for off-road rides like trails, dirt tracks, and motocross courses. They are made with aggressive tread patterns which ensures the right traction levels in muddy and loose terrains. Off-road tyres are very famous for most riders worldwide.

Some of the benefits you get from these motorcycle tyres include:

  • These tyres come with deep grooves alongside bigger blocks on their tread.
  • Their knobs are unique compared to other types of motorcycle tyres.
  • When riding in the sand, mud, dirt, rocks, etc. They provide a good grip.
Off-road Tyres
Off-road Tyres

7. Racing or Track Tyres.

Some other names for racing tyres include trail, track, and race tyres. These tyres are ideally made for high-performance riding. So they are fitted on racing motorcycles. These tyres are ideal for race tracks. More info about them;

  • These tyres provide riders with the best grip and smooth cornering abilities.
  • Riders should never use these tyres for street rides. This is because they are designed specifically for racing motorcycles.
  • They are made with soft rubber compounds. Also, different models of these tyres come with different rubber softness levels.
  • Due to the high temperature that tracks mostly have, these tyres are made to work smoothly through the different track temperatures.
Racing or Track Tyres
Racing or Track Tyres

8. Competition Tyres

Also known as racing Slicks, competition tyres are made using very soft rubber. For riders who love to compete in motorcycle races or love to ride down the street, these tyres are the best. Some other features include;

  • Can withstand high speeds
  • Fast turning is made smooth with these tyres
  • Riders can expect to have quick acceleration and deceleration with these tyres
  • Due to the many forces these tyres are subjected to, heat build-up is always massive. This helps make its performance even better
Competition Tyres
Competition Tyres

9. Custom or Chopper Tyres

Custom tyres for motorcycles are designed mainly for chopper bikes. These tyres are designed to be wide and come in unique designs.

Wet Weather or Rain Motorcycle Tyres

Rain tyres are engineered to provide riders who love to ride in the rain the best riding experience even when it is pouring down. So, these tyres are made to provide an improved grip as well as handling when riding on wet surfaces. One thing that makes these tyres unique is their exceptional tread patterns. These patterns help to disperse water as it limits hydroplaning probabilities.

Wet Weather Tyres
Wet Weather Tyres

Snow or Winter Motorcycle Tyres

Snow tyres also known as winter tyres are engineered for riders who by love or work reasons will be riding during winter or when it is snowing. Unique features;

  • They are made with unique rubber compounds and tread patterns
  • Tyres made to ensure traction on snowy or icy roads are perfect

All-Terrain Motorcycle Tyres

All-Terrain tyres are designed to be blocky. They help to ensure traction on dirt roads and gravel trails are intact. On normal roads, the grip is enough. However, these tyres are mostly hard. This can make riding over long distances uncomfortable after some time or in day to day situations. Most adventure bikes have these types on them.

All-terrain Tyres
All-terrain Tyres

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