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Stair Climbing Trolley

The stair climbing trolley is designed to move or transfer objects up and down the stairways. It has strong-grip tires that grip firmly on floors. This trolley has straps and baskets for holding heavy loads and large objects. Using this kind of trolley minimizes accidents and physical injuries.

Karman provides different items high-quality heavy duty stair-climbing trolleys. They are developed to maneuver different objects safely. We have small items for personal and famliy, we also have bigger items for factory or warehouse workers. Most of them are popular online selling, and we can design the carton and pack with your market needs. Our aluminum body is designed to be lightweight, durable, and robust. The three-wheel support system in the center utilizes bearing transmission, providing enhanced durability and smooth operation, especially when climbing stairs. The thickened aluminum alloy integrated die-cast frame ensures a long lifespan for the vehicle and allows for increased load capacity. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. If you are in the hardware tools business, contacting Karman would be a great choice. If your current stair climbing trolleys are not easy carring, then please contact us, because the wheels are not big enough, it affects the trollys’ moving. Our trolley has 10 cm big and durable climb wheels able to withstand overweight loads. All welds are sturdy to ensure that they can serve for a longer time.

We are confident that the stair climbing trolley meets your market demands. Contact us anytime!

1.Fullwatt Stair Climbing Cart
Fullwatt Stair Climbing Cart

Folding Stair Climber Dolly with 155 Lbs, 3 Wheels Hand Truck with 27”-42” Telescoping Handle, 4 Universal Wheels & 2 Elastic Ropes Easily Lift Items Up and Down Steps.

330 LB Capacity Folding Hand Truck Dolly

Luggage Trolley Cart With 2 Wheel Steel Alloy Moving Heavy Duty Hand Cart, Telescoping Handle, Lightweight Collapsible Dolly For Office Travel.

Stair Climbing Aluminum Alloy Handcart with Vegetable Basket Foldable Household Shopping Cart
Foldable Household Shopping Cart

Stair Climbing Aluminum Alloy Handcart with Vegetable Basket Foldable Household Shopping Cart for Delivery and Grocery Shopping.

Shopping cart supermarket folding shopping cart
Shopping Cart Supermarket Folding Shopping Cart

Shopping cart supermarket folding shopping cart climbing stairs portable vegetable basket trolley home Hand-drawn car.

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Benefits Of Using Our stair climbing trolley

Increase productivity: Our stair climbing trolley transfers any object efficiently with less effort. For applications that require speed, this trolley is in demand.

Versatility: You can use a stair climbing trolley for schools, warehouses, homes, and sites. It can move furniture, home, appliances, and more.

Space-saving: Karman ensures that this stair-climbing trolley is easy to use and easy to store. You can place it in limited space areas when not in use.

Types Of Stair Climbing Trolley We Provide

Six-wheeled stair climbing trolley: This trolley has 3 different wheels on both sides. It rotates separately for easier operation.

Four-wheeled stair climbing trolley: It is designed with additional climbing attachments. This trolley has added 2 rear wheels that rotate automatically.

Motorized stair climbing trolley: Karman developed this trolley for long-distance transporting. It is also capable of holding large items.

Stair Climbing Trolley Uses

Delivering furniture: Our stair climbing trolley can deliver wardrobes, sofas, and other furniture. For buildings without elevators, this is the best solution.

Moving groceries: Homes with multiple floors uses a stair-climbing trolley to move groceries. It has strong wheels to climb stairs and tracks.

Transferring high-load boxes: A stair-climbing trolley can move multiple boxes at once. We assure you that it will not take any damage due to high loads.

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