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Karman Sawtooth Motorcycle Tire

Looking for a tire that can handle any terrain? Look no further than the sawtooth motorcycle tire from Karman! This tire is specially designed to provide exceptional function on both paved and off-road surfaces. From muddy trails to rocky terrains, sawtooth motorcycle tire is suitable for a variety of conditions. With an aggressive tread pattern, this tire guarantees maximum grip & traction in any circumstance.

At Karman, we manufacture incredible sawtooth motorcycle tires according to your specifications. Our tires come in a range of sizes, from 110/70-17 to 200/50-17, making them suitable for a wide range of motorcycle models. Custom branding and packaging options are available on request.

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Different Sizes Available for Sawtooth Motorcycle Tire


Vintage sawtooth motorcycle tyre, tire casing, tubeless tyre.


Vintage motorcycle tires.


Classic sawtooth tubeless tires.


Pneumatic tire motorcycle vintage, excellent grip and durability.


Vintage motorcycle tires sawtooth tire retrofit.


Sawtooth tire, 19”, classic sawtooth tire.


Bias-ply, sawtooth motorcycle tire.


Natural rubber+nylon+steel, rubber content 45%-50%.


Excellent performance and stable quality tires.

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Suitable Applications

  • Off-road trails
  • Dirt racing
  • Street racing
  • Street touring
  • Highway cruising
  • Track days
  • Enduro racing
  • Supercross racing
  • Dual sport touring
  • Adventure touring
Sawtooth Motorcycle
Sawtooth Motorcycle Tire

Unique Sawtooth Design

The unique sawtooth design allows for excellent handling & stability. Thus, provides a smooth and comfortable ride for any rider. Plus, with strong construction and long-lasting wear resistance, the sawtooth motorcycle tire is an ideal choice for anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors on their motorcycle.

It’s great for adventure-seeking riders who want a tire that can take them anywhere they want to go on their motorcycle. Any ride will never be the same with the unbeatable performance of a sawtooth motorcycle tire.

Durable Rubber Compound

We’ve manufactured sawtooth motorcycle tires from a durable rubber compound. The rubber compound has exceptional wear resistance.

Thus, it can handle the toughest riding conditions & long-lasting performance.

Whether the rider riding on the highway, on dirt roads, or through challenging off-road terrain, our sawtooth motorcycle tire is an exceptional tire choice.

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