Plastic Dustbin

Plastic Dustbin

Your Leading Plastic Dustbin Manufacturer - Karman

Plastic dustbins are commonly found in homes, offices, factories, gardens, and public places to collect garbage. Designed to be lightweight, these dustbins are also fitted with lids to prevent odors or pests from escaping.

Here at Karman, we offer plastic dustbins in many different shapes and sizes to surpass your needs. At the same time, we take great pride in providing first-rate customer support, from the initial interaction to the last delivery. Our knowledgeable team will collaborate with you to determine your unique dustbin needs. Like the volume, color, the weight of the lids, waste bin body, and dustbin wheels and axles.  After that, we will offer specialized solutions to address your waste management requirements. We can help you get government offers from your country and market by the factory price, HDPE raw material, and one-stop best service.  

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you streamline your waste management processes and improve business efficiency.

Different Sizes Available for Plastic Dustbin

30L Plastic Dustbin

Heavy duty wheeled trash can large outdoor trash bins for backyard, deck or patio, 30/50L.

Trash Bin with Pedal

Recycling dustbin rubbish pedal bin waste trash kitchen home office 30L 50L 80L.

50L Plastic Dustbin

Trash can waste container with lid, heavy-duty outdoor garbage can with handles.

Wheelie Bin With Feet

50 litre wheelie bin with feet (LFB50Y) manufactured from 30% recycled polyethylene.

100L Plastic Dustbin

Coloured home office, compact sized indoor outdoor wheelie bins with rubber wheels & lids.

120L Dustbins

Outdoor plastic garbage bin trash can 120 liter waste bin wheelie bin.

240L Plastic Dustbin

Outdoor large plastic rubbish bins plastic waste bin, Closed belt cover belt wheel structure.

360L Plastic Dustbin

Waste Bin 360L,garbage bin, garbage container, waste container, trash can, dustbins.

1100L Dustbins

HDPE dustbin outdoor trash can waste container plastic garbage bin for public.

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Why Choose Karman Plastic Dustbin


Karman is committed to sustainable production. Our waste bins are made of pure raw material, and we do an effort to provide good quality dustbins in time to help different countries’ government environmental protection projects. 


We provide dustbin that offer excellent value for money. And they are competitively priced compared to other products on the market.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Our staff of knowledgeable experts is available to assist you with your purchase. We will also respond to any concerns you may have immediately.

Good Service Long-Lasting
Good Service Long-Lasting

We use only high-quality materials in the manufacturing of its plastic dustbins. It ensures that they are durable, long-lasting, and can withstand heavy use.

Made from Best Type Plastic

One commonly used plastic for dustbins is High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HPDE is a strong plastic that can withstand harsh weather conditions, impact, and wear.

Another type of plastic used for dustbins is Polypropylene (PP). PP is a versatile and flexible plastic that can be molded into various shapes.

Both HDPE and PP are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly options for dustbin manufacturing.

Made from Best Type Plastic
Tailored Dustbins for Your Needs

Tailored Dustbins for Your Needs

We make sure to tailor plastic dustbins according to your needs. Here are some ways:

Size and Capacity: Choose from a range of sizes, including small 30L 50L 100L, medium 120L dustbins, and large 240L 360L 660L 110L. You can also specify the exact capacity required for your needs.

Color: You can choose from a range of standard colors or provide their own custom color specifications. 

Pedal item:  You can also choose the Pedal item which is more convenient and helpful. 

Labeling: We can add custom labeling such as company logos or recycling symbols on the dustbin body or on the dustbin lid. 

What is the lead time for your plastic dustbins?

Lead time depends on the order size and customization requirements. Common in 25 days. However, we aim to deliver your orders as quickly as possible while maintaining high quality. 

What is the MOQ of customized dustbins?

We provide 500-1000 pieces for customized plastic dustbins.

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