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The natural rubber tube is a rubber tire inner pipe made of natural rubber. These are known for their flexibility, elasticity, and high tear resistance. With all these qualities, it provides effective solutions for different applications. From automotive and industrial to construction wheelbarrows and transportation motorcycles and ATVs.

At Karman, we manufactured natural rubber tubes from top-quality materials and equipment.  Here, we offer various sizes and shapes to meet your specific needs. We will then work with you to provide customized solutions.

We are committed to establishing persistent connections with our clients. If you want to be one of our clients, please contact us today!


Popular Natural Rubber Tube


Heavy duty mini dirt bike inner tube with valve stem straight.


Heavy duty replacement inner tubes with TR-87 bent valve.


Inner tube tire with bent metal valve stem for hand trucks.


Inner tube with angled valve stem replacement for hand trucks.


Tube heavy duty for wheelbarrow, garden cart.

2.75/3 -21''

Premium quality butyl rubber inner tube.


Inner tube dirt bike fits motorcycle tires.

17 Inch

Motorcycle inner tube, tyre tube, rubber pneumatic tire.

21 Inch

Rim diameter motorcycle & scooter tubes.

9 Products Found.

Why Choose Karman Natural Rubber Tube


Karman only uses a high rubber content in the production.


We have well-defined production process to produce consistent rubber tubes.


Our strict quality control ensures rubber tubes meet performance standards.


All equipment we have are well-maintained for an efficient tube production.

Rubber Tube for Your Application

Due to unique physical versatility, rubber tubes become widely used in various industries, such as:

  • Transportation industry –You can use the tube as hoses in engines, fuel systems, and air conditioning systems.
  • Medical industry –Used in the production of medical devices, like catheters, surgical tubing, and blood transfusion sets.
  • Agricultural industry –Used for irrigation and drainage purposes.
Rubber Tube for Your Application
Customize Natural Rubber Tube With Us!

Customize Natural Rubber Tube With Us!

Karman is a trustworthy partner for customizing your rubber tube needs. We have the expertise and knowledge in the production.

Here, you can get rubber tubes that are tailored to your specific needs. Provide us your detailed specifications including the dimensions, material properties, and any other specific requirements. After that, we will send a prototype for you to test. Once approved, we will begin the production and deliver them on-time.

What makes natural rubber tube stand out from competition?

The rubber tubes have a unique combination of properties that make them a better choice than other tubing. Their high tensile strength, excellent elasticity, and good chemical resistance make them an ideal choice for your applications.

What is your turnaround time for orders?

We will work with you to establish a production timeline and ensure that your order is delivered on time.

What is your commitment to sustainability?

We use environmentally friendly processes and materials in our manufacturing operations. We strive to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices throughout our operations.

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