Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Manufacturer

Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Manufacturer

Golf Cart Wheel and Tire

Karman designed custom wheels for golf carts with excellent stability. Golf cart tire have its special golf pattern, and we also have turf pattern, “S” shape pattern, straight pattern, and some customized patterns. Such features allow golf carts to operate well and withstand slightly rough roads. Moreover, we use high-quality rubber materials–protecting them against cracks caused by tangible impacts and bumps.

We provide the ideal tires for golf cart models with numerous layers. That includes rubber (first layer), cord thread for the tire’s inner structure (middle layer), and another rubber to keep the air longer time without a tube situation(last layer). The layers are available in different thicknesses, depending on your requested tire quality for the load capacity and speed.

Our team will guide you in selecting the appropriate tire and alloy wheel sizes, hardness, surface styles, and environmental conditions for your specific golf cart model.

Certainly! When it comes to finding the perfect golf cart wheel and tire combo, you’ll find a wide range of options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a 10-inch 12-inch or 14-inch, or even a 18-inch combo, there are sets available that include both the wheel and tire. If you’re looking for a great deal, be sure to keep an eye out for karman golf cart wheel and tire sales. In addition to combos, there are also kits available that provide all the necessary components for installation. Whether you’re specifically searching for a 14-inch combo, a 12-inch Godfather combo, or a combo designed for an EZGO or Yamaha golf cart, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. For those who desire larger wheel and tire sizes, there are even packages available in 22 inches. And if you have specific requirements, an 18 x 8.5 golf cart wheel and tire combo can offer a larger footprint and a comfortable driving experience.

The standard wheel size for golf carts is commonly 18×8.50-8. However, our wheels are versatile and can be used in various applications beyond golf carts. For example, we have successfully supported one of our Russian clients who required 18×8.50-8 tires for their cultivator machine. They specifically requested a load capacity of over 1 ton with a 12-ply rating. We were able to customize the wheels to meet their specific requirements.

If you have same problem, just let us know!

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8 Inch

White steel golf cart wheels and 18×8.50-8 turf/street tires.


Black steel wheel, predator tire 10 inch wheel tire combos.


OEM golf cart wheels and golf cart tires combo.


Tires & wheels 4 PLY for lawn & garden mover.


Golf cart wheels with 18X8.50-8 4 Ply tires for golf cars.


PU solid Flat-Free golf cart wheel and tire.


Steel, black 8×7 standard rim, 4 Ply golf cart tire & wheel.


Wheel tire combo 18×8.5-8 golf cart tire black 4/4 rim 4-pack.

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Factors in Selecting Golf Cart Tires

Consider the few suggestions in selecting golf cart tires.

  • Terrain Road terrain is a primary consideration in choosing a tire. They should be able to support the required performance.
  • Quality Ensure that the golf cart tire is quality made by certified manufacturers. And adequately take note of its process overview.
  • Tire Ply Ply is a tire inner structure. Compared to standard tires, those with more plies offer an excellent stable ride with heavy-duty load capacity.
  • Speed    Tire rubber content related to the tire’s affordable speed. If your cart need higher speed tire, then we will add the rubber content when we customize the order for you.
Factors in Selecting Golf Cart Tires
Golf Cart Tires: High vs. Low Profile

Golf Cart Tires: High vs. Low Profile

Golf cart tires have two different types, each with various advantages and setbacks. For better details, consider the following. 

Low Profile. The short sidewall of low-profile golf cart tires improves their traction on paved surfaces.

  • Can be less responsive 
  • Could potentially cause flats

High Profile. The high profile has thicker walls increasing its ability to withstand hard driving, especially on roads with bumps and other imperfections. 

  • Absorbs shock
  • Ideal for smoother rides
Custom Golf Cart Wheel to Boom Your Brand
Custom Golf Cart Wheel to Boom Your Brand

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