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The folding hand truck is an incredibly convenient tool that greatly enhances our daily lives and work. We offer a wide range of options to cater to different needs. Our collection includes shopping folding hand trucks, aluminum folding carts designed for express parcel delivery, folding platform trucks perfect for moving plants, tables, and chairs, as well as six-wheel climbing hand trucks that effortlessly navigate stairs. These versatile hand trucks not only save manpower but also make our lives much easier. When not in use, they can be conveniently folded and stored in car trunks or tucked away in corners of our homes, as they have a folded width of just 5cm, occupying minimal space.

In our operations, we proudly sell our hand trucks under the reputable Karman Hand Trolley brand. They are trusted by domestic courier companies like SF Express, proving the high-strength performance and quality of our products.

Karman Hand Trolley is dedicated to lightweight living. Our hand trucks, made of aluminum, are lightweight themselves, weighing approximately 3kg, while still being able to carry impressive loads ranging from 80kg to 160kg. Many of our models are not subject to anti-dumping restrictions in the United States, making them highly accessible. Our folding hand truck styles are highly sought after on popular platforms like Amazon. We have carefully designed product packaging that meets the requirements of online sales, ensuring safe delivery with individual carton packaging that has passed drop testing. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support for online sales, offering high-quality images, videos, and compelling copywriting.

If you have specific market requirements, such as customizing the color of the plastic parts on the hand truck, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. Furthermore, we offer free samples and can assist in incorporating your logo and packaging design.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to us.

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Hot Sale Folding Hand Truck Items

1.KM2011 Aluminum Folding Hand Trolley
KM2011 Aluminum Folding Hand Trolley

Sturdy & Durable -Lightweight industrial-grade trolley with reinforced aluminum alloy frame helps moving heavy objects.

2.KM2011 Stair Climbing Folding Hand Trolley
KM2011 Stair Climbing Folding Hand Trolley

Adjustable handrail, durable yet lightweight aluminum alloy pill rod, tighten and fixed by both rivet and plactic accessory.

KM2012 L Size Folding Hand Truck
KM2012 L Size Folding Hand Truck

This dolly is only 2 inches thick when folded. It can be easily placed in the car, garage, under the bed.

Heavy Load Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

250 lb. load capacity luggage hand truck, arrives fully assembled.

Multi-function Folding Hand Truck

Made of aluminum alloy and steel, the body is light and easy to carry; it has a large load capacity and can withstand 80kg weight.

Small Folding Hand Truck

This sturdy and lightweight shopping utility cart uses plastic and aluminum structural frames to ensure reliable function.

160KG Hand Trolley

The environmentally friendly TPR material of the wheels has good wear resistance, slip resistance and shock absorption, making cart ideal for any body size loads.

150KG Platform Trolley

Foldable Handle For Easy Storage. Just simply fold down the handle in a few seconds to lay flush on the platform, foldable Handle For Easy Storage.

300KG Platform Trolley

Flat cart is perfect for moving bulky, large, heavy things like boxes, furniture, gardening supplies, in the home.

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Our Folding Hand Truck Applications

Retail industry: The folding hand truck is the best used for the retail industry. It allows easy moving of products from the stockroom to display shelves.

Manufacturing industry: It is used for moving components to assembly lines.

Hospitality industry: Folding hand truck is used for transporting beverages, supplies, and more.

Healthcare industry: Clinics and hospitals use folding hand trucks for moving medicines, records, etc.

Education industry: Colleges and schools use a folding hand truck to transport school supplies from offices to rooms.

Express industry: Our local express company SF also uses our biggest size aluminum folding hand trolley to deliver the parcels every day.

Why Choose Karman Hand Truck

  1. To meet the demands of customers seeking high-quality hand trucks, we have made significant upgrades to our products. Our hand truck frames now feature a titanium alloy support structure and dual diamond-shaped pull rods, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to deformation. The plastic components have been meticulously designed with an integrated steel pipe construction, securely fastened with high-grade engineering polypropylene and rivets, providing a robust and long-lasting vehicle body. Our hand truck frames can be effortlessly opened or closed in a split second with a one-touch telescopic design, offering unmatched convenience and time-saving operation. Additionally, rigorous weight testing has been conducted, demonstrating the impressive load-bearing capacity of the pull rod alone, supporting up to 60kg. The handles are ergonomically designed with a focus on safety, incorporating an anti-pinch feature for added protection.
  2. Karman Hand Trucks boast an aluminum alloy integrated tray, which can be easily opened by simply stepping on the foot pedal mechanism. This ensures portability and practicality in everyday use.
  3. We have also upgraded our wheels to provide superior performance. While previously using crystal and TPR wheels, we have now introduced solid rubber wheels in select models. These upgraded wheels offer enhanced durability, superior wear resistance, reduced noise, increased elasticity, and improved shock absorption. Equipped with two 6200 national standard bearings, our wheels are designed to withstand pressure and heavy usage. The wheel connection frames are reinforced with double-sided thickened aluminum alloy for stability, ensuring minimal wobbling and a solid foundation.
  4. Each hand truck comes equipped with an elastic cord, which serves as an additional support for carrying goods. Our products are competitively priced, offering exceptional value for customers.
  5. We offer free samples and provide customization services, including simple customization with low minimum order quantities (MOQ), logo customization, and custom packaging. Additionally, we offer the option to customize the color of the plastic components.
  6. With a wide range of styles available, including climbing stair folding hand trucks, vegetable shopping carts, luggage carts with cloth pockets, four-wheel base hand trucks, and flatbed carts, we have the perfect solution to meet all your needs.
Your Premier Folding Hand Truck Supplier
Your Premier Folding Hand Truck Supplier

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