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DOT-Approved Tires

DOT-approved tires are tires that meet safety standards set forth by DOT( Department of Transportation). These tires exceed certain requirements for safety and performance. That includes tread depth, speed rating, and load-carrying capacity.

Karman DOT-approved UTV tires provide reliable performance on the road. They can handle the stresses and demands of driving. Even in wet, dry, or snowy conditions, these tires can withstand.

If you’re looking for new tires, Karman DOT-compliant tires are your better choice.

Different Sizes Available for DOT-Approved Tires


A fanged tread pattern extends over its shoulder for extra cornering grip.


TireNon-directional pattern provides predictable cornering and claws up roots and rocks.


Outstanding mud performance with a 1 inch tread depth, Rubber tires.


The tire ensures superior grip during turns and challenging maneuvers on a variety of terrains.


Offers serious puncture resistance and its tread lugs run deep into the sidewall for added protection.


The strong shoulder and sidewall tread add protection and traction in sand, dirt and rocks.


The tread connects together in a V formation in the center of the tire.


This tire has a v-shaped aggressive tread pattern that will provide excellent off road traction.


The 8-ply rated carcass offers the perfect mix of high-mileage durability, light weight.

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Main Features

Support weight of the vehicle and its cargo

Wear-resistant, tear-resistant

3/4 inch deep thread

Vibration-free and quiet

Designed for the best all-terrain performance

4-ply, 8-ply radial construction, etc.

Ideal Use

  • Trails
  • Gravel
  • Sand/Mud
  • Soft Terrain
  • Medium Hard Terrain
  • Street
  • Highways
  • Pavement

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